May 26, 2011

The One with the Feeding Friends

You know how there are many different types of friends in your life? 

The ones you say, "Hi" to in the store. 
The ones you keep in touch with now and then
The ones who you can reconnect with on a dime
The ones who require a bit of energy
The ones who challenge you--in good ways. 
The ones who challenge you--in bad ways.
The ones you share your heart with. 
The ones who seek advice from you. 

Many of those friends are a blessing, a wonderful part of your life. 

Then there are the rare gems in the realm of relationships--the friends who fuel you. Spending time with them is so easy. It flies by. You leave encouraged, uplifted. They share your burdens without even trying. Hearing their voice eases stress. They are a gift from God, placed in your life at the perfect moment. 

I know I am thankful right now for those friends who've fed my spirit today. 

Do you have any friends like this? Cherish them. 


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