May 16, 2011

The One the Night of Worship

Sunday evening was an incredible time of worship and prayer hosted by the youth group. We invited all of the adults in the church to attend this unique event with us, and we were blessed by their participation. 

This Night of Worship was a dream of mine. To spend an hour or more with a group of Jesus followers, pouring our hearts out to Him, kneeling before God's throne, connecting with Him through prayer, allowing ourselves to be led by His voice to worship in ways we couldn't conjure up on our own. 

We spent a month or more preparing for this evening. Choosing the right conglomeration of songs is so incredibly difficult. God moves in my spirit and speaks to me deeply through music, thus making the "narrowing-down" task a challenging one. This was going to be a new experience for almost everyone in attendance. A full hour+ of worship and prayer is not a typical Sunday morning church format. But I was certain that God would work in their hearts--if they let Him. 

Though the numbers were lower than I had hoped, those who came out for this worship time were incredibly responsive, completely open to the Spirit of God. Leading worship is a blessed experience with overwhelming responsibility. Allowing myself to be moved away from my plan, my environment, and into God's Throne Room is not always easy. But I thank the Lord for releasing me from myself and ushering me into his presence. 


The musicians' hands played what He lead us to play. 
The vocalists sang with a depth and beauty that only God could impart. 
The leaders were given words from on High
The participants were moved to experience Him in all new ways, together. 

It was such a beautiful evening. 

And they're already asking for more. 
Amen. Thank you, Jesus.


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  1. OMGoodness, did I know you were a fellow KS girl and forgot, or did I just not know? That is WCC is it not?? Lisa


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