May 24, 2011

The One with the Husband List

(not to be confused with a "honey do" list.)

{Top Ten Reasons I Love Being Married to Kevin Michael}

1} He makes a mean alfredo

2} He always knows how to make me smile and he makes me laugh like no one else. 

3} He puts up with my anal-retentive idiosyncrasies, and even claims to appreciate them. 

4} He encourages me to pursue my dreams and supports me in all my endeavors. 

5} I can be totally un-ladylike or completely proper, and he loves me just the same.

6} His messages to the teens every Sunday night are so incredible--I think he's the best youth pastor ever

7} If it were up to him, he would shower me with expensive gifts and fancy date nights every week. (Unfortunately, my penny-pinching-self inhibits him often.)

8} He talks to me about his computer games even though he knows I don't really care how much ISK he's earned or what he's mining. He knows I care about him and what interests him matters to me. 

9} He gushes over my culinary skills to every he meets and especially when it's just the two of us. He's my biggest fan.

10} His forgiveness never seems to run dry--he lives out Christ's love to me every day. 

Happy Three Years Since We Said, "I Do," Kevin! I love you to the moon & back! 


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  1. Happy Third Anniversary!

    Kevin is just as "Adorkable" as you are!!!

    (:>) Linda

  2. I don't think we see enough of your wedding pictures!

  3. OH yay! I love sweet stuff :)
    I tell my boyfriend I love him to the moon and back :)
    and when we get married I hope I can have half of what you and Kevin obtain.
    God Bless!


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