April 25, 2011

The One with the Weekend of Worship

What a fantastic weekend we had! It all began Thursday afternoon. We donned our spring jackets and headed to the soccer field to cheer on two of our teens in their JV game. 



We raced home, headed to the church for worship practice and then the stick-drama rehearsal, and then BACK home. Ashley--one of the soccer players, coincidentally--was spending the night with us, just for fun. I made homemade meatballs and spaghetti for dinner and the three of us had a blast watching Disney's Tarzan. 


The next morning went by quickly. Ashley was able to sleep in late as it was a day off of school, and Kevin and I headed to church once again for the Good Friday community service. Our church was hosting, we were on the worship team, and I was singing Via Dolorosa--a Sandy Patti Classic. 

We had a number of technical difficulties throughout the service, but despite the issues, the sanctuary was packed and God moved in people's hearts in powerful ways. It was a privilege to be a part of it. 

Around 6:45pm my mom and dad pulled in the driveway after their three hour journey! I was so thrilled they could get away. My grandmother has been living with them full time for the past couple weeks as she recuperates from a strenuous bought with the flu and mild stroke. Both of my parents needed a bit of a vacation from full time responsibilities, and we really wanted them to spend some time at our home. Though a number of problems threatened to keep them home, God made a way for them to get away. 

We had a delicious dinner and great conversation Friday night. In the morning on Saturday, Kevin & I helped filled 750 Easter eggs for the church egg hunt and mom joined us for the last half hour. Dad got in his first round of golf of this season on Saturday afternoon while Mom & I did some serious shopping.  That evening was once again filled with good talks and the premiere of LOST. 

Yep, we got Mom and Dad hooked on season one of LOST. Mom kept saying, "Can we watch one more?" I was really excited that they both enjoyed one of our favorite shows! 

IMG_6734 (2)

Easter Sunday was fast-paced and overflowing with God's goodness. A hundred+ people showed up for the annual Easter breakfast, 4 of our teens did a fantastic job during a stick drama to Arise, My Love, worship was "awesome" (in the words of my dad), and Pastor Dale preached a powerful sermon. 


My crockpots made our Easter dinner a cinch--ham, red potatoes, steamed green beans, fresh honey yeast rolls, and pecan pie equaled "YUM." We all relaxed during the afternoon and had a great time playing/learning Euchre together in the evening. Mom and I tied for "terrible card players" but we kept things interesting. All four of us were cracking up on multiple occasions, and it was the first time I've played a game of Euchre without crying


Praise Jesus for a wonderful weekend of worship in many ways. 



  1. arise my love is such a GREAT song! I got to hear newsong sing it at Winter Jam last year and it was amazing! I was crying! the stick drama looks like a great idea for that song too!

  2. yeah for Sandi Patty and was it the 24/7 groups version of Arise My Love?
    The weekend sounded fun and your picture is totally cute!


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