April 14, 2011

The One with the Missing Salsa

I thought I was going crazy. It was Tuesday night, and Kevin had left for his final class of Free Methodist History and Polity. (woot.) I chopped up some veggies, shredded some cheese, heated up some black beans, and created a lovely dinner plate for myself. 

Gathering my quesadilla and tortilla chips, I realized I needed some salsa to go alongside. I grabbed the jar of homemade salsa from the fridge, poured some into a perfectly-sized custard cup, and headed out to the living room. I enjoyed an episode of LOST: season 3 while I was eating (I may or may not have started my marathon all over again--a year later. Still so good.) 

After finishing my tasty meal, I took my dishes out to the kitchen and filled the dishwasher. I put the remaining vegetables back in the refrigerator. And then I noticed it--the lid to the salsa jar was sitting all alone on the counter. Hmm. I looked around at every counter in the kitchen and didn't see the still-half-full-jar-of-salsa-with-no-lid anywhere. I looked in the living room. Nothing. I looked in the fridge, thinking I might have put it back sans lid. Nope. I even checked the trash can, crossing my fingers that I hadn't thrown that much good salsa away. I hadn't. 

"What in the world?!" I said I out loud. I was certain I was going crazy. After all, I was the only one home, the only one to blame. I had used this salsa just an hour before and remembered the exact spot where I poured it into my dish. So where did the salsa jar go??

I gave up looking, hoping it would turn up sometime later. 

A few hours went by and I decided it was time for lime and raspberry sherbet. Yum. I headed to the cupboard to procure yet another custard cup (those darn things are so handy) for my sherbet, and there--right before my eyes--stood that sneaky jar of salsa. In the cupboard, all alone. Apparently, I had swapped it out for the salsa custard cup and been totally unaware of my actions. 

*whew* Glad to know there wasn't someone in my house messing with my mind. It was just me, going crazy. 

Anything like that ever happen to you?



  1. haha! It's amazing what thing's you sometimes find in the microwave, dishwasher or fridge that doesn't belong. When I loose something, those are usually the first places I look!

  2. You have officially joined the ranks of us who have those occasional brain
    cramps. Yippee. You are more like me everyday. Poor girl:)
    Love, Mom


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