April 12, 2011

The One with the Food Features

You may remember when I officially opened my Adorkable Bakery on Etsy?  It's only been a few weeks, but so far I haven't had any sales. But what I have had is lots a wonderful support, exposure and features of my delicious cookies and candies. I know that first sale is coming! :) 

While we were in Kentucky camping, we made a few trips into "town" to nab the local wifi. (The entire town is connected--an impressive feat for this little whole-in-the-wall.) I received a really exciting email from Creations by Collette that she had done a featured post of MY little bakery shop on her blog! How cool is that?! Naturally, I clicked over to her blog only to discover my shop wasn't one of many she was sharing with readers--I was THE ONLY Etsy shop listed. She loves my Adorkable Bakery that much. I was totally honored. 

This morning I received a message from a fellow Etsy seller, The Perfect Flaw, that my Italian Pizzelles had been selected to be featured in her treasury display. She entitled her treasury--"Go ahead, take a Roman Holiday" and listed beautiful Italian products including my cookies. *blush* 

THEN, just a moment ago, I received another email from an Etsy seller named Arctida. She had just posted a treasury of undiscovered shops and chose to list my Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee (Sara's favorite!) amongst other lovely finds. I was crazy excited. 

The cookies and candy I have for sale really are delicious. They are well-made, baked with love, and perfect for celebrating the exciting or cherishing the everyday. 

Why don't you visit? [adorkablebaker.etsy.com] And if you know someone who would like cookies for their next event or as a gift, I'd love for you to connect them to my shop


  1. both look so good!! congrats on your shop!

  2. very cool!!! You totally deserve all the attention, now you need some buyers!!


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