April 17, 2011

The One with My Key Habits

My mom commented on my salsa-losing-story. She seems delighted that I've joined the ranks of forgetfulness and sends her condolences that I'm becoming more like her everyday. :) It made me smile and reminded me of yet another "moment" of mine. 

On Friday morning, I was busy baking a batch of pizzelles to fill my first Etsy order (yay!) when the phone rang. One of the church trustees was calling about a key to the church office. He thought we had one. We did. Until about a month ago. 

Kevin and I had church cleaning duty and when we went to grab our church key off of the key rack (which ONLY contains this one key ring), the keys were gone! "Not again," I said. You see, I have a habit of leaving the church key in a pocket of my coat or pants rather than returning it to the hook. I'm a terrible person, I know. 

This time, though, I was certain it wasn't my fault. It couldn't be. I remembered being very diligent with my previous month's usage of the key. I was blaming this time on Kevin. 

We searched everywhere. In the church pew we always sit in. In the various classrooms we'd been in. In my coats and pants. In the not-so-junky "junk" drawer. In all my purses (I have quite a collection.) The key had mysteriously vanished!

Thus, when the gentleman called asking for our office key I had to tell him, "No we do not have a key because I misplaced it a while back." 

No more than 5 minutes later, as I was plotting my repeat search for the missing key, I heard a jingle in my blazer pocket. I stuck my hand inside and pulled out THE MISSING KEY! 


He quickly ran the key over to the guys working on the church and they all had a chuckle at my expense. This morning at church one of the men said, "I hear I shouldn't give you my keys." Yeah, yeah. I totally deserved it. I'm really bad at not losing the church keys.

(Please note: I have never lost any key other than the church's. And my excuse is this: because I just walk to the church and back and stick the key in a random pocket rather than back in my purse like my other keys. I have a good key reputation otherwise.) 



  1. woah and I trusted you with the key to my apartment how many times?

  2. I should edit this to add "I have never lost any key other than the church's. And it's because I just walk there and back and stick it in a random pocket rather than back in my purse like my other keys." I will not lose your keys, Britt.


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