April 5, 2011

The One with the 10 in KY

Top Ten Reasons I Am Thankful for Camping on this Beautiful KY Day
  1. Wearing 2 long sleeve shirts on, a fleece, and a sweatshirt-vest. I'm gloriously comfortable. 
  2. Falling asleep reading thanks to the warm sun beating on my face. 
  3. Eating Raspberry Blueberry Pancakes. They are delish. 
  4. Finishing a book and starting a new one. 
  5. Being nowhere near wifi means forcing myself to disconnect. A good thing now and again. 
  6. Having one of our teens is faithfully taking care of our cats. 
  7. Roasting marshmallows and eating said marshmallows is one of my favorite pasttimes. 
  8. Going for walks in the crisp air. 
  9. Enjoying the picturesque views--the lush grass, the budding trees, the lapping waters. 
  10. Having a wonderful excuse to snuggle up next to my husband at night--because it's cold and half of our bed is still damp from the rain. 
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