April 29, 2011

The One with $20.25

It's official!! Garage Sale Season in underway! I suppose you could say--"Melanie is to garage sales as hunters are to deer season." In other words, it's a BIG deal and if you're not a garage sale fan, you think I'm crazy. I'm totally ok with that. 

It was only 48 degrees this morning, but the rain had stopped. I double checked the sale listings I had found in the local newspaper's online classifieds as well as the garage sale section of Craigslist. I then printed off the list of items I was looking for in this season of thrifting. (I've discovered having a "plan" is a very good thing.) Finally, I donned a coat--yes a COAT--for the occasion and hit the road. 

At the first sale, I came away with two beautiful satin blouses and a sweater for $1.50. They all fit me perfectly--I'm thrilled. I was a teensy bit quite frustrated, though, when Kevin noticed a huge water-looking stain on the front of the green satin. Ack! I have it pretreated right now! 


The woman hosting the second sale was a piece of work. She was a talk, talk, talker and quite pushy--not my favorite type of yard sale host, I've got to be honest. Despite that, I found a hardly-worn pair of size 10 Chuck Taylor Converse high tops for Kevin. I offered the lady $1.00 and she took it! (They sell for $65.00!!) Kevin's already wearing them. :)


At the last sale, I saw quite a few great finds--but most of them weren't on my list. *kept my arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times* I came across a sewing machine--which IS on my list--but one crucial piece of it was missing. Not so much...

I DID find a few great items before leaving, though. We now have a beautiful cloth shower curtain. It's in perfect shape and Kevin likes it as well. I was just thinking last night that this brown-brown-brown theme was getting boring. We needed to mix it up a bit. The new curtain goes well with the brown and green we already have. For $2.00 it's a perfect bathroom makeover!  


Finally, I came across the hardcover copies of most of the Harry Potter Series! Books 2 and 4 are missing and book 3 doesn't have a jacket, but I got five of them for $15 which is totally worth it for Kevin and I. I normally don't spend more than $0.50 on a book, but seeing how this exact set was on our wish list and would have cost close to $100, we took it! 


Are you hitting the garage sale path any time soon?? Good finds yet?

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  1. wow! those HP books were a steal - and the chucks! lucky lady! I need to go yard-saleing with you! :)

  2. yah that is a steal. I am reading order of the pheonix right now

  3. wow - great deal on the chucks! thanks for sharing!!

  4. Harry potter...LOVE! I can't wait until the next movie comes out! I'm such a nerd. My hubby got me hooked on them after we got married!

  5. All of your finds are awesome! I was busy babies-siting last week when I read this so i was a bit too busy to reply... better late then never.

  6. Awesome finds Mel. Kevin looks great in his new tennies, and the shower curtain is just what you needed for a quick update. A shopper after my own heart:)


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