July 15, 2010

The One with the Great Servants

We have the best youth group in history of time. 
These teens rock my socks off. 
They are awesome
And yesterday I got to spend tons of time with them!
It was my (one and only) day off for the week of Family Camp. 
I got a peak at them working with the nursery and Bible School kids. 
It was so fun to see them leading. 
They've done a great job all week 
and many of the adult leaders and parents have been so thankful for their help. 
I'm *proud*

We declared Wednesday "SpiritFire" shirt day.
We just got an awesome new design for our youth group
and we just got our tshirts in a week ago. 
It was so fun being associated with one another. 
And having people ask about our shirts
and compliment their awesome design.
(Credit goes to Jake B--awesome Graphic Design artist
and marrying a friend of mine!) 

After lunch with the "family," 
I hung out around the four square court for an hour or so.
Playing for a bit because my teens convinced me I'd be awesome. 
And then I got to talk with a new youth camp counselor.
Got to know one another.
Refreshing moment. 

We all crowded into the air conditioned camper 
and watched movies,
played games,
It was glorious. 
Everyone hung out at the Spring Arbor University sponsored cookout 
and then we headed to the BIG top tent to reserve seats.
It was the teen service night.
Every aspect of the evening service was being run for the teens. 
It was perfect since our camp theme is "Love em and Lead em"--
this IS the upcoming leaders.
The adults and teens need to learn how to worship together.
Learn together. 
Lead together. 
And that's what we did. 
It was an incredible service.
(Not to mention our group was tied for first place in the 10 question riddle competition--
out of 1200 people!!)

Kevin built an enormous, beautiful fire after service.
We all gathered around and pulled out all the s'more ingredients. 
It was marshmallow heaven. 
There was worship music playing, 
and great conversation happening. 

I have loved seeing the friendships grow and change this week.
Watching my teens work in unity.
Share tents. 
Hang out during free time. 
Be prompt and on time for every single schedule item.
It's been a blessing to have them here. 
I needed some quality time with each of them--
being away for the summer has been much harder than I thought. 
It's good to get renewed. 
I love you, my children, my teens. ;) 


  1. yeah for camps!! :) and big fires :) we are leaving on Sunday... can't wait!

  2. Sounds divine! Like a great time!!


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