July 4, 2010

The One with the HOT 4th

Happy Independence Day, friends! 
For my thoughts on the subject, check out my Memorial Day post
It's tres poignant. 

I would love to have a moment to feel that way right now. 
But all I can think about is the sweat dripping down my back. 
Sure, this would be the usual pain experienced during a hot 4th of July celebration. 
Possibly followed up with a dip in a pool.
And ice cream. 
Mmmm, ice cream. 
But today, they needed me to work in the office. 
Normally, I really wouldn't mind working. 
And I really don't mind it. 
What I do mind is the 91.8 degree temperature in the office. 
Thanks to the crazy storms, our air conditioning has been out for 2 weeks.
It was no big deal this week. 
I loved the 60-70 degrees temps. 
But this?!
THIS I just cannot stand. 
I am not a lover of heat to begin with. 
But to sit in a teensy tiny building, 
that lacks any sort of air circulation 
(even with all of the windows and doors wide open and a fan blowing),
and is full of machines that let of heat 
Oh joy. 

Now, this really isn't that big of a crisis in the grand scheme of things. 
Not at all really. 
But heat makes me testy.
That's not an excuse for my attitude either. 

Ok, how about this, Mel. 
Let's focus on the plans for after work. 
Mmmmm, now that sounds amazing. 
And air conditioned. 
Now, I just hope my husband was serious when he mentioned the idea this morning. :)

We were actually going to hit up Steak 'n Shake yesterday evening. 
Kevin and I took the camp van to Lansing to return paintball gear from the previous week's class. 
After that, we were going to get burgers and shakes. 
A date. 
While we were at our last stop of the early evening, though, 
I thought we should check our cell phones for missed calls. 
Sure enough, Kevin's parents had invited us to join them for grilled brats for dinner.
Sounded great!
A mini 4th of July party. 
We didn't leave till after 10pm, 
and I was sad because I was sure we had missed the fireworks. 
But as we neared the camp entrance, 
I saw the sky lighting up past the tree line.
At first I thought it was lightening. 
MORE lightening. 
But it wasn't! 
We pulled into a little restaurant and sat in our car and enjoyed a really nice fireworks display!

Ok, so now I'm in a better mood.
Happy Independence Day, everyone!
Go swimming for me!  


  1. Well, at least you guys can use fire works, we are getting rain here! Our neighbors attempted to use some fire works and it didn't really happed because of all of the rain.

    I hope they can fix the air conditioning at your workplace!

    And I am new to your blog and absolutly LOVE the name, hehe, it's so cute! I am following you and I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


  2. It was raining last night and my grandparents and I didn't think we'd be able to go to the fireworks show in town, but it stopped raining and we were able to go! Yippee! We had a good time!

    Happy Independence Day, Melanie!


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