July 26, 2010

The One where She Speaks Her Mind

I didn’t realize it until now, but apparently I resolved to live out loud.

As in, saying what I think. 
Don’t get the wrong idea. 
I’m not experimenting with rude remarks or hurtful comments. 
Although, I would have to admit those negative words may find their way from my thoughts to my lips. 
And I’m none to proud of those moments. 

What I am doing is being intentional about sharing the positive thoughts or thankfulness I feel toward an individual. 
It occurred to me that if I love hearing words of encouragement
(boy, do I ever!), 
then I’m assuming most people would be fed by such praise. 
So whenever I think, “I love that top she’s wearing” 
or “I really appreciated that helping hand” 
or “That meal was amazing”
or “I enjoyed the conversation we shared,”
I’m trying to share those thankful thoughts with the individuals who made me feel that way to begin with. 
It’s made me more aware of the abundant blessings in my life—
and they are many! 
So why shouldn't we fill one another’s souls with encouragement?


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