May 19, 2010

The One with a Walk Down the Aisle

You may recall my look back on college graduation last week
Well, it's only appropriate that today, just a week later, I share my beautiful memories of our wedding day.
Because, two years ago, that's exactly when it happened.
We graduated Saturday, May 17th, 2008.
We were married Saturday, May 24th, 2008.
It was a bit of a whirlwind, but I had everything planned out so the week in between was enjoyable and relaxing as I tied up final details at home with my family.

And sure, it may seem like we rushed into marriage.
But we had dated since November 28th, 2004. 
A near record long relationship for aChristian college like SAU. 
Where the themes are "A Ring by Spring"
and "SAU is like a shoe factory. Make up soles/souls. Send them out in pairs."

The pressure to get engaged and married is quite heavy in this environment.
As soon as the public thinks a good match has been made they start in on the engagement.
Sheesh, people, take a chill pill.

Sure, there were times when even I wanted to get married before we graduated.
But I'm so glad we waited.
We will never have those four years of college life and friendships again. 
But now, as husband and wife, we have the rest of our lives to spend together. 

Side by side.
A match only God could make. 
And quite a pair we are. :)  

And Monday will be our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.
We're celebrating Saturday with a trip to Cedar Point!
We took photos in my parents' beautiful backyard 
as well as on the shores of Lake Erie. 
It was a beautiful day.
Weather was perfect. 
Spirits were high.
Stress was low. 
LOVE was bursting from our seams. 
::moi. a bride. ready to marry my groom::

:::Kevin's family::
Brian. Kevin. Mom (Linda). Dad (Gordon).

::Melanie's Family::
Ashley. Mel. Dad (Dan). Mom (Karen). 

 ::mother and son::

::father and daughter::

::the boys. always playing frisbee::
(they didn't.)

::the lovely ladies::
Britt. Ash. Mel. Maria. Magan. Brooke.

::the boys::
Brian. Nick. Kevin. Dave. Gavin. David (Kevin's cousin, our ringbearer)

::my groom was SO ready to be married::

 ::walking down the aisle to a dramatic piano rendition of "Be Thou My Vision::
(this was seconds before I started bawling. 
I saw families and my pastor from my childhood.
Friends from high school.
Friends from college.
And I realized everyone from every walk of my life was supporting me.
And it was emotional.
By the time I got to the altar though, the tears had ceased.)

::my dad pronounced a blessing and prayer over us::

 ::wiping away his dripping tear::
(He's not a crier. But he had this steady stream of one tear that kept coming.
It was so precious.
But at this moment, I thought everyone had bowed their heads to pray.
And I reached into the bodice of my dress to grab my hanky.
Everyone was not praying. They were all laughing.)

::our good friends, Ephram and Kay, lead the congregation in singing 
Kevin and I held hands and sang it to each other.
It was one of the most moving parts of our service. 

::lighting our unity candles::

 ::THE Kiss::
(This was the first "public" kiss we'd ever shared.
I was a bit nervous. Kevin said "It'd better be good." :D
In the video you can see me ask him, "Was that good?!" And then I went in for another.)

::our wonderful wedding party::


::our cake emulating our theme--simple elegance::

::we are totally unconventional::
at the last second we realized we hadn't decided how to serve a piece of cake to each other.
So one of us put the piece in our teeth and the other bit off a bite. 
The crowds loved it. :)

::at the end of our reception, when 99% of the guests were gone, 
we still hadn't really tried the cake. 
So we grabbed forks.
and dug in. 

::and they lived happily every after::

Marriage is not always sunshine and roses.
But we knew that going in.
And we spent 9 months in pre-marital counseling with Dr. Brewer. 
It was so great.
We love being married.
It's even better than we imagined. 
And our goal is to keep our focus on Jesus.
And give HIM our hopes and dreams. 
Our resources and our hearts.
Complete control.
And the blessings will continue to flow. Malachi 3:10


  1. Oh Mel, HOW SWEET! I love what he said to you after your kiss...that's so funny! But you didn't tell us...was it a good one? ;)

    And I love the hymn choice for your congregational song!

    Oh, and the hanky thing...that's something I'd do...a little embarrassing at the moment, but super cute now!

  2. Loved your post!! Your wedding did look like simple elegance!

    I had "Be Thou My Vision" at my wedding too - sang with flute and piano accompaniment - beautiful!

  3. What a sweet post! I love the simple elegance of the day. And Be Thou My Vision is a perfect song choice...I'm gonna have to save that one in my "someday file." :)

  4. What a perfect wedding...and you were an adorable bride. Loved the pictures...especially by the water!

  5. Oh Melanie, what a beautiful post about your wedding!


    A bit late, but hope you both had a wonderful and joyful time celebrating together!

    Here's to the rest of your life, lived in God's Love!

    Thank you for sharing your wedding with us! {hugz}

  6. I love that you are going to Cedar Point. I love that park. We live in Oregon, but we have made our way to Ohio 2 times now.
    That seems plenty romantic to me!!!

    Enjoy your trip.

  7. what a great post! you looked so beautiful on your wedding day! :) you both make a cute "pair" lol


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