May 10, 2010

The One with Mes Meres*

Yesterday was a national holiday celebrating MOMS!
How awesome is that?!
A day set aside to appreciate our moms the way we should ALL year long! 
I think most people claim they have the best mom. 
But I think I win this little competition. 
My mom has always been an irreplaceable part of my life. 
And as I've grown up and moved out on my own, our relationship has changed.
But it has only gotten stronger. 
I think I need my mom even more now then I did then--
in childhood when scraped knees and tummy aches were my biggest issues
to the present, when I need a woman who loves me unconditionally, 
understands life's highs and lows, 
talks me through the tears, 
and rejoices with me always. 
I just don't know what I would do without her. 

But get this!
I have TWO amazing moms!
How could life get any better than that!
My mother in law is just as much a mom to me as my "real" mom. 
She's held me when I cried. 
Taken care of me when I was sick. 
Told me to vacuum slower so the machine has time to actually pick up the particles. :)
Swapped stories with me. 
Shopped with me. 
Baked with me. 
Supported me and loved me and welcomed me with open arms as I married her oldest son. 
Kevin and Brian, thanks for sharing your mom with me!

I love you both. 
Thanks for being the BEST. 

*French for: my mothers.


  1. That's a great post! How neat that you are so close to your MIL! Those types of in-law relationships are such a blessing!

  2. u do have great moms but i have better ones haha JK :) we both!

  3. what a cute picture of you and your moms! :)

  4. Thanks Melanie for your loving and encouraging words. I am so happy that you have a special relationship with your Mom-in-law too. We are very blessed to have such great friendships with all Kevin's family too.


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