May 12, 2010

The One with the College Graduation

I think by now you understand that the four years I spent at Spring Arbor University were some of the most formation and more memorable years of my life. 
People always told me that college were the best four years of their life.
I wasn't sure how that was possible.
High school was awesome for me. 
And I had to leave home--5 hours from home--to experience this next stage of life. 

But they were right. 
It wasn't always peachy keen.
How could it be?
What with loads and loads of exegetical assignments 
and living within 2 square feet of 30 other emotional girls.
That, my friends, is just craziness.
But it was the best craziness ever

On May 17th, 2008 I walked across a stage in front of my peers and my family.
I accepted a diploma.
A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy/Religion from Spring Arbor University
It was a bittersweet day.
I was thrilled to be finished! 
But I was so saddened to be done. 

And today I remember those days. 
The Friday evening Baccalaureate.*
The Saturday morning Commencement.
And my last night living with my best girls. 

*woah! I totally spelled that word correctly on the first try! 

::Kevin and I receiving our award certificates and cords::
he graduated Cum Laude and I received Summa Cum Laude 

::walking into the plaza with my best friends::
This is an SAU tradition--
we said hello to college around the oak tree
as we all held a piece of commemorative ribbon.
And we said goodbye around the new plaza
as we held another piece of ribbon and a live branch of ivy
 (to be planted and watched multiply--just as we would.)

::stealing a kiss::
with Britt popping into the moment. :)

::Dr. Ken Brewer was one of the professors to cut our ribbon::
He was the most influential mentor in both of our lives and performed our wedding 7 days later.

::My girls::
(minus Ang and Bets who had to finish student teaching!)

::Kevin and I with great friends Sarah and Caitlin::
SAU was marked by our relationships with these girls!

::after the service we girls spent the evening packing our belongings
eating ice cream cake
and being crazy.

::Kevin's Dad--a Business office employee--gave the opening prayer over our commencement
and even presented Kevin and I with our diplomas

::Kevin and his bro::

::my Grams and Parents celebrating the moment::

::WE DID IT!::

I get a bit weepy experiencing those memories all over again. 
Some days I wish I could have them back.
But most days I'm just thankful.
Thankful to all those people and circumstances that helped prepare me for where I am today.
They will always hold a special corner of my heart.
I hope SAU and my best friends will always be a part of my life. 


  1. you are so cute! I love all of those pictures and congrats on graduating with such high grades! that is awesome!

  2. This took me back to my graduation10 years ago! (It should have been 11, but I was one of those who had to stay to finish student teaching)

    You'll always cherish those memories! I'm still friends with just a few of my closest girlfriends, but Facebook has really helped in finding my other friends I'd lost touch with. I'm sure you'll all be in each others' lives in someway 10 years from now. :)

  3. How fun! I loved your pictures! Reminded me of my graduation's still kinda bitter/sweet looking back...saying goodbye to some of your best friends, wondering if it'll ever be the same, and saying Hello to your new, adult life(and life with your man!) :) !

  4. Great post! Loved hearing about your experiences. College life was never for me, but I do miss the opportunity it would have given me for the friendships and life experieinces.

  5. I liked your college days - how else would you have met me, your little red-headed Canadian friend?? My brother and MG are graduating this weekend so I'm excited to experience that all again!!! This'll be my 4th SAU grad in a row!!!

  6. I can see what a special time that must have been in your life in these cute photos! What a wonderful accomplishment1 =)

  7. Hey! I posted a college memory as well!

    I've been thinking about you. How are you doing?

  8. What a memory! It is something to share for generations to come. What an amazing accomplishment. Congrats to the two of you!!!

  9. wow congrats on your achievements! love the pics.

  10. what wonderful memories and awesome accomplishments.


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