May 11, 2010

The One with the Surprises

Today I shared more of my grocery ways with the world. 
Check them out. 
And please feel free to ask any specific questions you'd like addressed. 
If I can help one or two people become more shopping savvy, I will be thrilled. 

I also wrote about French Bread

Why three posts in one day, you ask?!
Well, after weeks of no updates to my recipe blog I finally found the inspiration I was looking for. 
I have been in a funk of sorts lately. 
At least where the recipes are concerned. 
It seemed like I hadn't made anything I felt was "blog worthy."
And even with the rest of my life. 
I feel like I'm sitting around in a daze of sorts. 
Being somehow productive and yet completely lazy and unproductive. 
It's weird. 
I can't describe it. 
But I hope it's passed. 

In other, more wonderful news, I had a fantastic weekend. 
Friday afternoon I hit the road solo and traveled the three hours to my hometown. 
I was surprising mom for Mother's Day weekend. 
She thought I was showing up Monday. 

Grams thought I was surprising mom early Sunday morning. 
I shocked EVERYone when I popped in at 2:30pm Friday afternoon. 

Well, they weren't actually surprised until 4pm. 
Mom had a work meeting until 3. 
"Ok" I thought, I'll just wait for her to get home and I'll knock on the front door. 
Little did either of us know the nurses were getting a special celebration luncheon. 
meaning I sat in parking lots and backyards for an hour and a half. 
But it was all worth it.
Even when I blew my own surprise. 

Yes, as soon as I saw her pull in the garage I ran around the side of the house. 
Flower bouquet in hand. 
Ready to make my move.
But she was walking down the driveway to get the mail.
I froze.
Hoping she wouldn't see me lurking in the shadows of their ornamental tree.
But she did.
She definitely did.
So I popped out and she nearly squealed. 
I was so pleased with how excited she was.
It was great to be "home" again. 
It had been six months since my last visit--making me wish all over again that we lived in the same town. 

Mom and Dad graciously turned down their tickets to the Cleveland Indians game to stay home with me.
I got to see Grams' new home.
And attend a baby shower with mom.
(Where I got to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen since high school in '04.)
And go to the Mother-Daughter banquet at church with my mom and my two grandmas. 
And sit by my mom in church Sunday.
And grill steaks (for the first time!) for mom, grandma and I for Sunday lunch.
And make their favorite chocolate chip cookies.

And I even got to share another surprise. 
The photos taken by one of my college friends who is just opening her own photography business.
She was offering a free "wear it again" session to former brides.
I couldn't pass it up! 
I was hoping to get one more "use" out of my gorgeous gown before selling it.
This was a great excuse!
Lindsay is a great photographer and SO fun to work with! 
We battled the rain and thunderstorms but still had a blast. 
Check out her website!


  1. This is a great post! And I am glad you have a fantastic weekend :)
    It's great you took steps in your weekly grocery spending. I do too :)

    Do visit my blog, I have an Award for you & had put your blog link there. Will b so happy if you'll accept it! :)

    Nice to know you :)


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