May 28, 2010

The One where She's "Home"

I'm home.
Well, home away from home.
As soon as I pulled onto the grounds at SBC, it just felt right.
Throughout the four years of college, this camp was the one place that stayed the same.
No matter how many dorms I lived in,
or how many camps I visited,
or how many times I moved in and out of my parents' house,
Somerset stayed the same.

I like that.

Do you have a home away from home?


  1. my parents house is home away from home for me... but I sure do love camps though!

  2. I hope you can continue to blog from your "new home." Ill miss your updates otherwise!

    I attended and later worked at Camp Miniwanca for six years (near Shelby, Mich) and though I have not been back since 2002 it is definitely a second home- though I always feel it isnt the place as much as the people.

    Have a great summer!


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