May 26, 2010

The One with the Anniversary Amusement

Yes, our anniversary was a lovely day spent together.
We went out for the best ice cream in town. 
We sat in the park and talked while enjoying the creamy goodness.
We took a stroll. 
We went out to Johnny Rockets for dinner.
We came home and read side by side.
And finished the night by watching Evan Almighty.
(which was actually quite good.
I was impressed.)

But, friends, two days before our anniversary we headed to Sandusky, OH. 
To truly experience the gift we had chosen to share with one another.
A day at America's Roller Coast.
The weather forecast was threatening. 
Thunderstorms were predicted for the large majority of the day. 
But I knew it was the only day we could go. 
And so I prayed.
I even said, "God, I know this is totally selfish, but please please keep the rain at bay.
We need this day to celebrate each other.
Please, God. We will give you the glory."

And that is exactly what I intend on doing! 
Never once did it rain on us.
No rides closed down.
The 67-70 degree predicted temps were blown out the water by the summer-like 80s.
Besides the massive number of school groups, the day was quite perfect. 
Crowds were relatively low. 
We road every ride we hoped to. 
Laughed and laughed as we flew over and up and around at insane speeds. 
Sure, I got whiplash a time or two 
and I'm fairly certain the older coasters can't be safe in the least,
but who cares.
That's half the fun! 

And for posterity's sake, a photo journey of our day together.  

Why, hello there, Cedar Point. 
How are you doing today?


gotta start the day right. 
Blue Streak, here we come!

couldn't resist the old school Calypso.

yeah, Sky Ride!


Thank you, Cedar Point, for a memorable day. 
Thank you, AAA, for the discounted tickets. 
Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers in such an evident way!

And thank you, husband, for enjoying every moment of our anniversary weekend. 
I love you.

Posted in conjunction with Wednesday's Walk


  1. what a fun trip!!! I want to take a day and go there with Jeremy one day soon!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I can't get Rick to go on a roller coaster, and he had even refused Disneyland, but he just told me the other day that he wouldn't mind going with me - yay! I'm going to be working on that one soon!!

  3. How fun! My husband is longing to visit my family in OH in July to go to the county fair, which somehow my mom convinced him was a fantastic celebration. If we do come, I have King´s Island and Cheesecake Factory on my ¨musts¨list. Cedar Point is great, but I don´t like the 3 hr. drive.

  4. I LOVE a roller coaster and can you believe that my husband has never been on one??? Not that he doesn't want to, but he's never been to an amusement park! I know, NUTS! Our anniversary is in December so we can't go for that, but this post just reminded me to plan a trip for that very reason SOON! Looks like a blast!

  5. The one and only time I've been to Cedar Point, I was pregnant which made me designated bag holder. I'm glad you guys were able to have a wonderful day to yourselves, basking in the sunshine and your love for each other.

    PS Matt & I love Evan Almighty! So much better than Bruce Almighty!

  6. Best Anniversary trip ever. We really wanted to hit Cedar Point again this year, but can't make it work. When you come all the way from Oregon you need to have at least a week. We are going to hit Magic Mountain this year though.
    We will celebrate 20 years of marriage, so not only is this a fun thing to share together, but our family has the best vacation memories that include coaster parks. Keep the memories going!!! and Congrats!!


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