May 31, 2010

The One with the Memorial Emotions

I was just over at Ree's photography blog
where she was posting photos sent in under the theme "Coming Home."
There is post after post after post.
I dare you to not be moved by those images. Dare you.
Given the holiday weekend and 
the incredibly emotional response the photos garnered 
from yours truly, 
I thought nothing was more blog worthy.  

 Most every Memorial Day weekend, I think of nothing more than hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, warm weather, and family picnics. 
Are you, too, guilty of this?
-this apathy toward a national holiday commemorating the countless military men and women who have faithfully and fearlessly served to protect this United States of America.
I guess my only excuse for my lack of concern is the blessing that I have never experienced my own friends or family enlisting or serving. 
It doesn't hit home.

But yet.
In my inmost being I am moved to tears
every single time I see a photo or a video clip portraying poignant messages from servicemen/women to their families.
The wives who have been single and lonely and missing half of their hearts for months or years even. 
The children who miss their daddies and mommies to the point of heartbreak. 
The mothers and fathers who have cried many a tear over the thought of their precious child fighting on the front lines. 
I am immediately transported to the hearts of those individuals--the ones left behind.
I instantly feel an emotional connection. 
(I guess this is precisely why my husband refers to me as his "little empath.")
I put myself in their shoes.
And I cannot imagine going through that frightening separation.
I don't know how military families function.
I really don't. 

The thought of Kevin getting drafted scares me to death
And for that reason I am prompted to honor the memories of those who served our country with courage.
Those men and women who never made it home.
Whose loved ones received that dreaded knock on their front door 
and were handed a perfectly folded American flag
and listened to the 21 gun salute 
and cried countless tears. 
I thank the families who lost so much,
and I thank those lost ones who gave all they had for us

May God continue to bless America.


  1. it is incredibly moving... even more so now that we live in an air force town. so many here are military and have given so much for our freedom. great post.

  2. makes me cry church we did a slideshow of ppl at our church who has served. ..emotional..


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