January 30, 2009

The One with the Free Food

Yesterday was great.  It was great with the enormous exception of watching two of our three fishies die.  I was just trying to be a good caretaker.  I was cleaning their filthy tank.  Apparently I'm a horrible caretaker.  I thought they would be happy.  Instead I was very sad.  I watched as they floated upside down--Sprinkles on the water's surface and Bluestreak on the stones--each struggling to keep their gills moving.  Then, it was over.  I'm not so sure Princess is going to make it either.  Kevin offered to stop at Meijer last night to pick up new fish.  I said no.  I am still grieving.

The great part of yesterday started after the funerals.  I whipped up a batch of chewy fudge brownies to take with us to Britt & Nick's legal wedding ceremony (necessary paperwork prior to filing for the Canadian-American marriage stuff.)  Oh and speaking of the brownies I'm really stoked about my newfound desire to bake cakes and brownies completely from scratch.  I don't think I ever had the inability to try this, but for the most part my mind told me that when you bake a cake or brownies you just whip out the mix and go to town.  Well, now that my kitchen skills are soaring I can throw together a delicious mix of my own in almost the same time.  And the rewards are that much more satisfying.  

Anywho...once Kevin got home we took off for Spring Arbor where we met at the Brewer's house.  Many of our friends were there with Britt & Nick to support them in this stage of their steps toward marital bliss.  We got to fellowship with the Brewer's which was so refreshing after months apart.  (Ken was the officiant at our wedding and had an incredible impact on both of our lives at SAU.  He was my professor and advisor and became our mentor during our senior year.)  After the very intimate ceremony we all shared in the sparkling cider and brownie action then headed out in the snow for Outback Steakhouse.  Hours later we were stuffed to the gills (ohhhhh....my fishies....they're dead............) and overflowing with great laughter and conversation.  Around 11pm Kevin and I made a sleepy drive back to our home where we quickly tumbled into bed at 1am.  

This morning I took the next step in the multiple-day long process of sourdough bread.  It's my husband's favorite form of carbs in loaf form and I must admit I enjoy it as well.  My goal is to make breadbowls to house our chili for tonight's dinner.  

Maybe this weekend, we will bring new fishies home.  Also I'm looking forward to attending one of our youth's choir contest and then heading to Sam's Club for shopping and partaking of Super Bowl weekend samples.  YES!!!!! 


  1. Mel,

    I am so sorry your fishies died :-(
    However, I am thinking you should start a new blog and share all your recipes. The food you share on here sounds really good and it makes me want to try my hand at this stuff...
    I'm just saying :-)

    Have a great rest of the day!

  2. I second Britta's motion for a food blog.

  3. mel! i am sorry about your fish :o( hopefully they are partying in fish heaven with mine. i had a catfish and a tetra last year... the catfish ate the tetra. i was so sad.

    also... i will THIRD the motion for a food blog :o)

  4. Melanie - you and I will be at the same conference this week! I'd so love to meet you in person!!!

  5. wow, you guys are really pouring out the love! I appreciate the encouragement to start the recipe blog. I am definitely going to be thinking on that one (and most likely following through! :D)

  6. I think you are a great friend for being the only girl at the marriage besides Marsha!- the boys definately dominated that wedding!!!! LOL


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