January 21, 2009

The One with the Fast Forwarding

As I sit here all clean and cozy in my favorite plush white robe, waiting for my oatmeal to thicken I thought I would do a little random updating.  These were my thoughts yesterday.

I was trying to find some calendar information on the Spring Arbor website but was having no luck.  That's when I decided to try to get more direct access by signing into "MySAU" web portal.  I was shocked and truly bummed when my user name was NOT RECOGNIZED.  Yikes!  They finally kicked me out.  Sad, sad day.  Reality. (go ahead, laugh at me...)

I have decided to admit to my addiction.  To my DVR that is.  This is the greatest invention of all time.  (This may be debated, but it's at least my favorite invention at this moment in time.)  Anyways, yeah...the DVR rocks.  Television shows no longer control my schedule.  Ok, ok...I was not THAT freakishly obsessed with T.V. but there are certain shows that I hate to miss.  That's when the DVR comes in handy.  If I'm going to be back to watch the show in 10 minutes or 2 hours I can just pause the tv show!  PAUSE the tv!!!  Or....if something cool is going to be on and 1) I'm wanting to go to bed before it airs or 2) I think I'll be more "in the mood" for it tomorrow or 3) I have other plans at that time I can simply record it.  Then...when I watch it...I get to fast forward through all of the commercials (the most annoying part of television in my opinion.)  Fast forwarding is by far the greatest part of the DVR.  It took me a while to get used to having this awesome power, but boy oh boy am I used to it now. 

Don't judge.  I'm just being honest here. 

Kevin and I finally got around to having the nachos for dinner.  Every night I had planned them for the last 2 weeks other plans got in the way.  It was yumilicious. 

(Did I just make up a sweet new word???)

Also, last night was the third week of trying to start youth group small groups.  The first week, the snow cancelled it.  The second week no one showed up.  The third week (aka yesterday) we had two guys and one girl show up.  It went rather well.  We pray that spending more time in accountability with the same sex will really open up doors to growth.

My oatmeal's ready.  I must go.


  1. I still can connect to mysau - thats weird that you can't!!

  2. Your father-in-law actually called about you not being able to log on today while I was working at the Help Desk, you should be able to log on as alumni. :)

  3. Aren't DVRs spectacular?! Watch, you will find yourself trying to fast forward through live TV... that's always a bummer.

  4. mmm DVR eh, that sounds sweet. I wish i had the power.. although i currently do not even have television.. nonetheless i still want DVR.


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