January 14, 2009

The One with a Warm Snow Globe

It may be (below) freezing outside (and a bit nippy inside too) but I'm staying pretty cozy.  Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law who happens to be a talented crochet "artist," my entire body can be wrapped snuggly in one of our two oversized afghans. :D  

Yesterday I finally finished my most recent reading endeavor.  This summer I was flying through books every week or so.  I started a 3-in-1 novel early fall and had 2 and 1/2 of the books read as of November.  But since then...squat.  The last hundred pages or so took about 3 months.  No, I didn't suddenly become the world's slowest reader.  But I did start filling my time with who knows what else.  This week though, I finally resolved to pick up my reading once again.  It was a good decision.  Now on to a new novel.  

Yesterday was also filled with two housecalls with some lovely elderly members of our church.  Pastor Dale likes to stop by to visit the members who are having trouble getting out these days.  He invited me to come along and I joyfully accepted.  I set to work on a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies and took a plate to both visits.  It was a blessing to meet a woman named Gladys who is a true prayer warrior.  She was glad to have my face to put to the name as she's been praying for me.  Isn't that encouraging?  

I also whipped up a loaf of banana bread for Kevin & I to enjoy.  He was quite excited to find the fresh bread waiting for him.  Dinner was delicious as well.  I had marinated two boneless pork chops (courtesy of a generous church member) in teriaki marinade all day and grilled them indoors last night.  The meat was accompanied by a crisp salad and seasoned roasted potato wedges.   Good stuff.  

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