January 17, 2009

The One with Brilliance

I just opened the curtains in the office and gasped.  You see, the sun is just now beginning to rise and while most of the sky is still a hazy blue, the horizon is brilliantly making a statement in a deep pinkish-orange.  I've seen many beautiful sunsets but the colors of this sunrise is phenomenal.  

Now, as I type I can watch the color take over the sky.

At this point I am waiting for the boys to wake up before we head to a local church's monthly "Hillbilly Breakfast."  You probably have a few questions about that statement.  First of all "boys."  Yesterday afternoon Pastor Dale & Pam dropped of their two sons who were going to be staying the night with us.  Kevin got home from work around 6pm and we sat down to a great dinner that was ready right on time--penne pasta, herbed chicken, cheesy garlic bread, and salads.  We topped that off with some of my chocolate chip cookies and then opened the door to more houseguests.  Amber and her 2 year old daughter stopped by for some computer help and while they were here enjoyed a cup of tea, part of School of Rock, and the most entertaining of "toys"--the boys.  

Oh, and about that Hillbilly Breakfast.  Pastor Dale told me at the start of this week about a local Baptist church's monthly fundraiser in the form of an "all you can eat of any breakfast foods you can think of" breakfast. The four of us are going to be making an appearance (and filling our stomachs) along with many of the locals--including a handful of our own church members.  

Later, Kevin and I will be accomplishing the weekly shopping, including a stop at our favorite store--a fresh fruits and vegetable market called Ciolino's.  Of course a visit to Aldi is necessary and Meijer sales are bound to lure us in.  

The sky is officially overtaken by the sun's amazing rays.  *sigh*


  1. Question:
    How how HOW do you grocery shop for a whole month? I've tried to do this but it has never worked out well and I always end up going to the store more than I'd like...hints?

  2. So sorry to get your hopes up, Jen...but we shop weekly. I totally wrote the wrong word. :)

  3. Aha! I knew it was too good to be true!


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