January 31, 2009

The One with Another Blog

This just in--a recipe blog has been started by this homemaking wife.  If you're ever interested check it out at http://adorkablerecipes.blogspot.com/.  I will do my best to post whatever delicious items I am tempting you with in this blog.  Thanks to those great girls who encouraged me to start sharing my cooking and baking formulas with the world.  I am pretty excited about this endeavor.  I hope you all start getting as fun enjoyment out of the kitchen as I do!  

In other news, today was lovely.  We "slept in" (relatively speaking of course...7:30am...) and around 11:45 headed for Saline High School.  We met up with Megan--one of our great teens in the lobby and she was so excited to have us there to support her.  She was in an 8 member female vocal ensemble that sang beautifully and went on to secure a I (one=top score).  We also met two of her best friends and had a blast getting to know them.  One of the girls just auditioned for choir at SAU last week and was eager to learn all she could about the university and the music department.  Kevin and I should totally get compensation from Admissions.  *wink wink*  This girl's mom showed up as well and was thrilled to have all her questions answered by us.  I think we may have added to the student body of next year's freshman class...not to mention the population of our youth group. =D

After excitedly screaming upon hearing the ensemble's great score, we headed to Sam's Club and Megan was more than exited to spend the afternoon hanging out with us.  :)  We had the typical fun at the store (though we were less than impressed with sample selections.)  Around 3:30 we headed for Megan's home and stopped off at Arby's for a late lunch.  I'm a huge fan of the chicken shakers--very meaty, very flavorful--and of course the curly fries!  

Now Kevin & I are back home watching Friends and enjoying the rest of our Saturday together.  

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