September 9, 2008

The One with the Grams

I have two Grams.  They are both the best grandmas anyone could ask for.  In fact, I think many people are jealous of my awesome grandmas.  I love them and it's so cool to hang out with them so much.  I'm not taking that for granted. 

I love oatmeal cooked with milk with just a touch of brown sugar.  mmm.

Apparently I am pretty computer savvy.  Or at least my parents think so.  But that may not be saying much.  hee,hee.  None the less, I have come a long way in my computer hacking skills (or maybe just my knowledge of downloads, program usage, lightning fast keyboard skills, etc.)  lol

I'm sorry, but I'm cracking myself up today.  Not sure why.  Just am.  

There's probably a million more things I could be writing about here, all much more important than oatmeal and computers, but I can't focus.  So goodbye.

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  1. uuumm weirdo whom I miss, enjoy those grandma's!!! My grandpa recently told Aunt Steph that the next time he sees her will be in the afterlife, he's giving up apparently. Mom had told me she a while ago that she doubts that he will be around for my wedding, and I don't know when I'll ever get to see him again... so enjoy every moment.


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