September 22, 2008

The One Where It's Official

I'm so thrilled to finally be able to publicly announce the wonderful way God has orchestrated this ministry opportunity.  As you all remember, most of the summer was spent putting out applications at various restaurants, offices, and businesses hoping and praying for financial provision.  It finally came to the point where I backed away from my plan and realized the obvious--God had a greater plan in store and I needed to wait.  Uhhhh, waiting.  Not my favorite pasttime.  However, it proved to be the best experience for me and my husband and I both experienced Jehovah Provider these past few months.  All that said, I received word last night from Pastor Dale at Monroe Free Methodist Church that the church body had officially voted and received me as their Youth Pastor!  And not only that but they also decided to give Kevin and I the lovely 2,000 sq. ft. ranch parsonage next to the church as my compensation (as of now, until they are able to financially afford an official salary.)

For the last month or so, Kevin and I have been making the 50 minutes commute to Monroe on Sunday mornings for church and staying the afternoon in town until the 6pm youth group meeting.  We have felt extremely welcomed by the church body.  Every week many people come up to us genuinely interested in getting to know us better.  We had a wonderful time hanging out with the small group of youth and can hardly wait to be officially involved.  I will be announced to the youth group next Sunday evening!  Yesterday we attended Sunday school for the first time and really enjoyed the deeper Bible study and theological discussion.  (Come on, people, you know what I love!)  The service was refreshing and challenging as was the time Kevin and I spent on stage playing bass guitar and piano (respectively) along with the worship team.  It really was a blast!  Oh!  And not to forgot the delicious potluck that followed. ;)  

We will be moving to our new home at the end of October (anyone who wants to help us move...just let me know!! =D)  Packing and moving will not be very enjoyable (considering I said just 4 months ago I never wanted to move again..ha!), but I think the passion behind the move will make it all worth it.  Kevin will have a daily commute into Detroit which is kind of a bummer, but he has reassured me that he is completely certain that he is ok with it. :)  

Anyways, please keep us and the church in your prayers.  We are overjoyed with the way God has brought us to the church and the church to us.  He really does have great plans in store!

In other news...we had a wonderful weekend spent with our good friends.  Britt, Nick, Ben, and Geoff made the drive up here Friday night and we enjoyed chocolate cake and a rousing episode of AFV while catching up.  The girls spent quality time scrapbooking, talking, and dance praising it up, while the boys played video games and cards, watched sports, and threw the frisbee around at Belle Isle.  We went out to a great dinner at Applebee's on Saturday night and they left shortly after I fell asleep at 10:30. :) 

Oh, and something I was SO thrilled about (don't laugh!)  I finally completed a project that should have been started and finished years ago.  I went through the boxes and binders and folders of sheet music and organized them all.  I now have 4 binders of alphabetized music which are categorized by Christmas, Classical, Sacred Instrumental, and Worship Choruses (chorded music.)  It took about 3 hours of sorting and hole-punching, but it was well worth it!  (I can't WAIT to have the beautiful piano from Kevin's parents set up in our new home!!)  

I suppose I have taken up enough of your time.  Have a blessed day!


  1. Mel-
    That is so exciting! I am happy for you and Kevin. God is so good!

  2. Hey girl!

    I've actually read your blog a few times myself :) (i'm not a creeper i swear!)

    anyway... would you care if I added you as a link?

  3. Oh my goodness! That is so exciting! You have a something better than an apartment! I always think about owning our own home. Yay for decorating!

  4. that is sooo awesome! congrats! :) That will be GREAT FUN!

  5. WOW... congrats!!! :oD praying for the transition... what an awesome answer to prayer!!

  6. yeah / sucks that Kevin is gone 2 more hours more....

  7. A-MAZING!!! So excited for you!! And the youth at the church are so lucky to have you! Congrats Melanie :)

  8. *girlish squeal*

    That is so amazing, Mel! I hope you and Kevin have a smooth move to Monroe.

    And you'll be in a house, too! I'll bet it will be nice to have your own house.

    I am so excited for you! :-D


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