September 24, 2008

The One with the Bright Sunshiny Day

Within 10 minutes of waking at 7am, I started to work on the finishing steps of the Amish Friendship Bread Jennie so willingly shared with me!  I wanted to have it fresh and ready for Kevin to try before he left for school at 8:30.  Despite the unfortunate dumping of approximately 7 cups of sugar on the carpet, the finished product was perfect!  One loaf is already set aside for our weekend camping trip and the other is being thoroughly enjoyed.  (This is seriously one of my favorite sweet breads.  Or...maybe I just love ALL sweet breads.)  

The rest of the day was surprisingly productive.  After my round of pilates and a bit of Today, Kevin was driven into work.  I got back and did my ellipse exercise, switching back and forth between Live with Regis and Kelly and Family Feud.  (I hate commercials.  If any of you have ever spent more than a small amount of time with me, you will quickly learn that I am a remote control freak and can't resist changing channels between 2-4 different shows when commercials so rudely interrupt.  Kevin hates this.  But I can't stop.  Unless he asks me to.  Then I will.  Most of the time we come to an "understanding" if you will.  He keeps himself distracted with computer stuff so much channel surfing doesn't irritate him.  hee, hee.)  Wow, sorry about that soap box.  

After I reached a sufficient level of sweating, I began my "cool-down" with some packing.  The closet upstairs is being emptied and organized into boxes, 1/2 of our books are boxed, all our extra bath towels and put away, along with a few other items.  By this time, I had received two fairly lengthy and important phonecalls and it was time to decide whether or not I would go down to Wayne again to check out the monthly fresh air market.  It was a glorious day and I hadn't yet showered, so I hopped on my bike (after checking to be sure my appearance wasn't TOO ghastly) and road the 3 and 1/2 miles there.  Mostly I just wanted to check on my miserably sick husband.  It was worth the extra exercise. :)  

I took an afternoon shower :), had lunch, and spent a lovely few hours of reading and putting together an organized list of "wishes" from IKEA.  (You see, I got my 2009 calendar yesterday and spent hours circling and discussing thoughts with Kevin.  Today I checked my options with their website.  I figure when January comes around for the Women's ministries get together at IKEA, I will be settled enough into our new place to know what we need or don't need.)  

My evening has been lovely...albeit filled with cough syrup, thermometers, and chicken noodle soup.

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  1. Ama Brucki was making the same bread today and she could't remember if she added the last amount of sugar to it so she added more, then after I told her that I liked to add a tiny bit more vanilla extract - she added a ton more.... then instead of instant pudding she added the mix&bake kind or something like that - so I wonder how it turned out!!


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