September 26, 2008

The One with the Crunchy Leaves

It's Friday.  My poor darling is still miserably sick.  I just spent a fortune in hopes he'll feel better.  We're leaving for Somerset this evening and we're both really looking forward to a weekend of fall camping.  Seeing family will be wonderful...and then of course there's the bonfires, the cool evenings, the hayrides, the cider, and our plan to walk around the lake (and maybe visit the Point where he proposed. *grin*)  Have I mentioned how much I love being married to him?  Oh, and a bazillion thanks go to his parents who are so willingingly sharing their camper and their food with us this weekend. =D  Saturday night brings a trip out to In Good Co. for Brian & Kevin (and I guess my) birthday dinner with the Eccles grandparents.  Love it!  I've had a wonderful week and Sunday I am being inducted into membership at Monroe FMC and officially welcomed as youth pastor.  After the service the youth group is traveling to a corn maze where they can hang out with the new youth pastor and her husband. :)  Ok.  So I felt like rambling.  Hope you didn't mind.

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