September 25, 2008

The One In a Nutshell

I'm not sure why, but today I have decided to give you a look at my college years in a photographic nutshell.  Enjoy! (I know I did!)

Arbor Games:::Freshmen Year:::All the girls with whom I would form great friendships

The Gamma 2 Triple:::Freshman Year::And our boyfriends

Sophomore Year:::Suite Love:::Mel's 20th Surprise Party
Couch Laughter:::Sophomore Year:::Mel and Two Hilarious Canadians

Sophomore Year Ice Skating:::Mel, Britt, Em, and Naomi:::The rink that is now Gainey Hall.

Wellspring:::Summer '06

Wellspring Love:::Mel and the Boys:::the Last night together (Brooke's behind the camera.)

"We're from THAT floor":::Crazy Second West
:::Mel and Britt (Junior Year) and a TON of great Freshmen
Playing in the Park with my favorite babysitt-ees:::Beth & Kara:::Mel & Britt:::Junior Year

Angie's Bridal Shower:::Junior Year:::All the Girls

Slumber Party @ Emily's:::Senior Year:::Best Night Ever

K8 Girls Gift exchange:::Senior Year

Jared Mahone Concert with Tab, Megan, Mel & Magan:::We won Relient K tickets!!!

Before one of our many bonfires:::SR. Year:::Magan, Betsy, Mel, Angie

Megan's Wedding:::Dec. 07:::Karina, Betsy, Megan, Magan, Mel, Emily

K12 Christmas Dinner:::Guys & their gals

All my best girl friends:::Last Night at SAU:::Pre-Graduation

Graduation '08:::All the Girls & Kevin:::(that's just the way it works. *smile*)

Melanie & Kevin's Wedding Party:::
Magan, Maria, Brooke, Britt, Ash, Beth & David, Brian, Nick, Gavin, Dave

How blessed am I???


  1. awww awesome! i am glad my shower pic is there! i love that pic..good times..good memories! :)


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