October 5, 2011

The One with a Teaching Bonus

Yet another Wednesday of piano lessons, and I still can't get over how much I love teaching. For most of my life, people have been telling me I should be a teacher. I always begged to differ. I knew from a very young age that I wasn't meant to daily instruct and wrangle a large group of young people. You see, I suffer from chronic headaches. Particularly "stress headaches" or "neck headaches." And being the sole leader of 25 kids for 8 hours day, 5 days a week, 9 months of the year just wasn't what I was cut out for. 

But this whole piano teacher gig is perfecto mundo (as my mom would say.) I have the freedom to set my own schedule, expand as desired. And I get to spend 30 minutes each week with one individual student, catering my teaching style to suit each one's needs. I especially love getting to know every one of my students on a personal level, focusing on the individual pursuing their musical education. I believe it's the best way to teach effectively.

It is a joy to watch a student progress in their knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of music all while growing increasingly comfortable with me as their teacher. Sometimes they share fun parts of their day or laugh about mistakes in their music. We create a unique relationship--one that I wouldn't trade for anything. Our ever-growing connection allows me to find the best way to teach them, to bring music alive, to help it make sense to them. I might have one student make their own flashcards, another sing to their music, and another tap their foot or nod their head to keep the beat. Every student is different, and we take this musical journey together. The more we get to know one another, the better lessons become--they know what I expect, I know how to teach themRelationships are the best part of my life, and without them, my work would be void of meaning. 

I look forward to growing my studio and getting to truly invest my life into others--contributing to my students' musical growth while impacting their personal lives along the way. 

I think Jesus would have wanted it that way.   


Do YOU know someone in the Western NY area who is interested in piano lessons? I'd love to connect with them. Find my studio info at facebook.com/ecclespianostudio.

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  1. Beautiful! There are so many ways to be a teacher outside of the school system. Perhaps it is your spiritual gift? I love light bulb moments with people of all ages, that spark when they "get" something is beautiful to me. Enjoy your day :)


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