October 4, 2011

The One with Apples, Sisters, and Lists

Top Ten Really Super Awesome (to me) Things From These Last Few Days

1. getting my first "hey, will you pray for me?" text from one of our new teens.

2. returning to the Eccles family tradition of Sunday evening nachos. (Our nachos = layering your plate with tortilla chips, sprinkling liberally with green pepper, onion, tomatoes, cheese, meat, salsa and sour cream. YUM, right?)

3. reaching yet another milestone in my running career. (Career? really, Mel? That may be an exaggeration.) Sheryl & I had a fantastic run together Monday morning--I ran 3 miles to her house, we headed out for a 3 mile run and tagged 2 extra miles on the end--bringing both of us to thrilling totals of 5 and 8 miles. Yeah, I guess I'm officially a runner now. (I don't know what that means I've been for the last 6 years.)

4. making the last minute decision to drive home to see my sister, Ashley, before she moves to the other side of the world country.

5. having fun reading and laughing and talking with Mom, Dad & Ash.

6. forcing myself to *just* take a walk this morning. I thought it was necessary after my 8 mile run. It's hard for me to slow down though. (hmm, maybe that's why my dad was always telling me to "slow down, Mel" for most of my life.)

7. having somewhat of a "breakthrough" small group meeting on Sunday night with the new group of Senior High girls I'm working with.

8. eating freshly picked apples from the orchard of my youth. (Does that make any sense--"the orchard of my youth"? I mean--the apple orchard that I grew up visiting.)

9. getting a fresh hair cut from my stylist of a sister. It feels so good to have healthy locks again.

10. have I mentioned how awesome it is to spend time with my sister before she moves? Yeah? Cause it is.

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  1. Sounds like you have had a great last few days...

  2. Melanieee! I miss youuu :)

    &can you pray for me please? <3 thank youu! love youu!


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