October 13, 2011

The One with a Candy Corn Confession

Are you a fan of candy corn? It seems to be one of those divisive foods people love or hate. You know, along with Bleu Cheese dressing and Cilantro. 

I have a few specific thoughts concerning this autumnal sugary snack

First of all, I like my candy corn to be soft and chewy, not hard and sticky. The hard corns just seems old. Unfortunately, the candy corn I bought the other day--the first (and only) treat for my season--was the not-so-good kind. I'm still eating it though. (You're not surprised, I'm sure.)

I am not a fan of the candy corn with the brown stripe. Nuh uh. And the pumpkins? They're tolerable, but just plain overly sweet

Honestly, the overpowering sweetness of candy corn is the reason I've not always been a big fan. I don't like to eat more than a couple "kernels" on their own. 

But combine candy corn with dry roasted peanuts (I prefer unsalted)?! And you've got yourself a dreamy snack. Seriously, people. This is the best combination in the world. (That's totally not true, but I'm going with the exaggeration-for-effect thing.)  

If you don't believe me, TRY IT. I double dog dare you! The traits of a candy corn all but disappear and combine with the crunchy peanuts to form an unbelievable flavor and texture treat. 

You're welcome. 

Now, I just have to keep my hand out of the candy jar. *slap*

Have you ever tried this tasty combination?
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  1. my favorite fall snack!!! I love peanuts and candy corn. sooo good

  2. I love them!!!! They are my weakness!!! All of them, the pumpkins and the newest flavour, the candy apple are soooo good!!!! LOVE THEM!!!


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