October 7, 2011

The One with the Swollen Speech

You may remember my trip home (to my parents' house that is) which I took on Monday in an effort to see my little sis' one last time before she moves out West. It was a last minute plan--as in, I decided at 8am that I would leave by 10am--and I got to surprise Ash. Fun!

But all that was in addition to my pre-planned trip home today--just 4 days after my last minute trip. So yeah, a lot of driving. Luckily my trip is an easy one, and I made fantastic time (despite 8am rush hour traffic.) I did have a deadline to make this morning--an 11am eye doctor appointment. I pulled in the driveway of the office at 10:50am. Perfect! Even with leaving 15 minutes later than I planned and making a 10 minute stop for gas and bathroom break, I was early slash on time. 

That visit took forever. In this room for this exam. Move to that room for that exam. Back and forth, back and forth. Dilate your eyes. Examine again. Fit contacts. Examine again. Try on every single pair of frames in the place. multiple times. 

Luckily, Mom & Grams showed up and helped me decide on new glasses. I'm pretty excited about my choice. Hopefully I love them as much as I think I will. It's the first time in 6 years I've had new frames. It was necessary. And yes, I was scolded for wearing my contacts for 2 months when they're 2 week lenses. (I actually wear them for longer than that I'm sure. I clean them well. I take them out at night. I'm cheap. What can I say?)  

After this long process, the three generations of women headed to Steak & Shake for lunch. I had to wear my sunglasses inside because holy dilated pupils, Batman!

As soon as I finished lunch, I was off to the dentist. Yep. The dentist AND the optometrist in the SAME DAY. I'm hardcore. (Can you blame me--my insurance runs out in November! I'm cashing in!) I had 3 more cavities to fill. Awesome. I was not looking forward to this appointment based on my most recent filling experience.

Thankfully this appointment went much smoother. Mostly because I was able to effectively communicate with the dentist and assistant what was painful--the darn air blowing into the nerves of my open tooth. (That may be dramatic, but that's what it felt like--stinging like crazy.) The procedure when quickly and easily and I'm not in any pain tonight. Yay! I even ate steak for dinner. Rock on! 

The only problem? Oh my gosh was I ever numb! There was one cavity on the bottom left and 2 on the bottom right--so they had to use Novacaine on my entire bottom jaw. I quickly found out how many nerves are connected to that portion of my face, tongue included. It was almost impossible to talk in a coherant manner. I felt like my tongue was swollen to the size of a small grapefruit. And I struggle with a tongue thrust (aka lisp) to begin with! NOT COOL, PEOPLE! Especially when I had to go interact with the public (seeing an old friend and picking Grandma up from her hair appt. I was lucky to not need a bib to catch all the drool that my lip was unable to contain.) 

My husband seriously thought I was putting on a bit of a show with my speech. Nope. It was for rizzle. 

And I'm so glad it's over. 


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