October 24, 2011

The One with the Bountiful Baskets

Today is just one of those days when I have so much on my mind, I can't seem to settle on just one topic to expound upon. My thoughts are forming a gigantic tangled web and if I don't start talking, I might just explode, but yet I have no clue where to begin. Can anyone relate? 

My poor husband is probably going to get an earful when he comes home for lunch. Have I mentioned how much I love that we live a block from the church? No driving required. We don't need more than one vehicle. I can visit him or bring him something if he needs it. He can stop home whenever...No biggie. LOVE. it. 

I also love being able to walk to the bank or the post office or the library. Or to Coldstone with Kevin when he gets his Coldstone Buy one Creation of any size and get the second of equal or lesser value free. Yes, I realize walking a block doesn't exactly negate the effects of the ice cream, but it's the thought that counts. (Ok, it's really not. But this is why I run in the morning, people. It's all for the ice cream.) 

Speaking of getting fat, last night I had this epiphany while Kevin was doing a fun youth group game that involved slide show pictures and questions about our dating years. Maybe the reason I bake and cook so much is to get him to gain weight so I feel even skinnier. HA! Just kidding. He's done a phenomenal job of not gaining weight--people are constantly impressed that neither of us weighs 400 pounds with all the baking I do. But my theory of "get him fat so I'm skinny in proportion" was quite entertaining, albeit totally untrue.

On top of my usual baking and cooking frenzies, this month is Pastor Appreciation Month and boy do these people do it up right! It's incredible and yes, we've felt extremely appreciated. Coffee cakes to die for, cookies, peanut butter pie, and a 12 pack of Kevin's favorite Faygo pop that only seems to be found in Michigan--Rock N Rye. I've been trying to freeze the desserts to spread out the goodness. Also, because Kevin's birthday is Thurday and we're going to want to mangia, mangia

I'm also totally excited about the baskets full of fresh squashes that I've never even heard of, peppers, apples, carrots with the awesome green stems still attached--I'm talking REAL food, friends. I can't wait to cook up some healthy meals for us! 

And now, though I still have a million things on my mind, my stomach is growling. I'm going to fix lunch. 

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