October 10, 2011

The One with a Grilling Plea

We love to grill. 

Ok, ok. My husband loves to grill. I love to eat things that have been grilled. 

Every time I try to use the grill, I almost burn my eyebrows right off my face. No joke. Just ask the teens we took camping this summer. I started that mini propane grill many times, and all but once I lit up the sky with flames. 

Same thing happened the first summer we were married. Kevin had come home from work, and I decided to be an awesome wife and grill our dinner for us. I headed out to our teeny tiny balcony-porch-thingy and turned on the gas. Unfortunately, I left the lid closed until I was ready to click "ignite" and WOOSH! Kevin heard the mini-explosion in the other room. I'm lucky to be alive. and that I didn't burn down our apartment complex. You're welcome, Detroit. 

We moved that trusty old 40-dollars-at-a-yard-sale grill all the way to Monroe and we used it quite a few times. But before the too long, the darn weather had its way with her. The base of the grill totally corroded. And at some point, our entire propane tank was stolen. Seriously? How did that happen? 

We tried the charcoal grill thing. It seemed like the frugal option and the hard-core-grilling way to go. We were brave. 

It didn't work out for us. 

Mostly because we're too impatient to wait for the perfect time to place the slabs of meat on the preheated charcoal. And because we were just really terrible at starting much a fire in the charcoal at all. Oh well. We tried. 

We sold that grill at our garage sale for 20 bucks. Not bad. 

But now, we're craving that flavor that only comes from the outside grilling process. As much as we love burgers cooked on the stovetop (this is how I cook them, for the sake of my eyebrows), we need a grill. My man needs a manly grill. Don't tell him I said that. 

This is where YOU come in. Please, give us your recommendations for grills. Where to buy? What to buy? How much to pay? What bells & whistles to look for or avoid? 


  1. Whichever's cheapest. :)

    Honestly, though . . . that is how we chose our grill and we couldn't be happier. We got it last year around this time from Target. It was a display sample for $60, marked down from $199!

  2. Gas grill without too many bells and whistles. We have great food without a baby grand grill. Our newest one is a CharBroil that was on sale for $150 at Home Depot...but we are only a family of four. Buy the size grill that makes sense for the number of times you'll use it and according to how many you need to cook for in one sitting. We have had cheaper ones in the past that have lasted for years, too.
    Our past two grills have lighting instructions right beside the burners so you know how to light them without serious injuries. I find them user friendly these days. (I've singed my eyebrows before on our first (ancient) grill that was finicky about lighting. I smelled that nasty burned hair smell for hours because I think got in my nose, too.)
    This is just my two cents worth...good luck with your search for a grill!

  3. This is a good time of the year to buy one at Lowe's or Menard's on clearance, since winter is coming. I grill all winter, so fall grill purchases are a good deal for me.

  4. I would say this is a great time of year to buy one! hope you find something that you love! we love our gas grill a lot. :)


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