October 16, 2011

The One with the Sensitivity

I love when God gives me glimpses of His purpose for me, of how He is seeking to use me for the His Kingdom. Even the smallest revelation is powerful when I recognize it as God at work. 

Relationships matter most to me in ministry. I like to seek out those who seem alone, or someone who might need a listening ear (which happens to be almost everyone). And I naturally have a deep perception of individuals' emotions. Kevin jokingly refers to me as his "little empath"--taking on the emotional overtones of any environment. Though this can be harmful to my well-being, I also believe it is a gift from God. 

Even in a large group setting I can see when I person has been offended, embarrassed or hurt. I know how someone is going to interpret the message sent their way, even when I realize the original intent message is far from the reception. 

I know when a person is struggling through a message, be it amongst teens or adults. I notice when someone finds a discrete place to sit so as to not draw attention to their pain or their tears

And in each of these cases, my heart breaks for that person. My gut wrenches inside me. I long to offer tenderness and grace to them--right then and there--but I have learned how to be patient and wait for the right time and place to approach them. 

When the opportunity arises, I go to them with gentleness and compassion--offering my ear, my shoulder, my heart, my tears. God often gives me a message for their hearts, to bind up their brokenness. And I do my best to deliver it, and stay out His way. 

I am thankful for my sensitivity and for the lessons I've continually learning to use this precious gift as God would have me do. 

I encourage you, friends, to be on the lookout for God's gifting in YOUR life.


  1. I <3 that about you! Lol.

    &thank you for the blog list! they're amazing!!!

  2. I had to comment on this because I have never heard someone articulate this "sensitivity" so well before. I, too, respond to people in similar ways and the only way I could ever describe it was like being an empath, but I think you said it so well.

    It's a blessing and a heartache in my opinion and I wish I knew how to use it better. Praying for discernment there. Thank you for bringing it to mind.


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