June 4, 2011

The One Where She Feels the Burn

Kevin has been calling me his lobster for the past few days. And not just because we're each other's lobsters according to Phoebe. I got myself nice and burnt to a crisp. 

Thursday afternoon, right before leaving for our church's Annual Conference, I decided to enjoy the sun and a good book. I was reading Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury and found myself pretty riveted. The temperature was just perfect, and I had just enough time to finish the second half of my book--and I wasn't stopping until the task was completed. 

It was a wonderful two hours (yes TWO hours), until my chest started itching. UH OH. I knew I was burning. Or, more specifically, I was already burnt. 

Sure enough the proof was there. And in very weird ways. I never moved during that two hours, leaving just the FRONT of my shins beat red, along with the FRONT of my arms and chest. Awesome. So much for looking good in the new dresses my husband so lovingly purchased for me.  

I lotioned myself up to keep the itching and stinging pain at bay. It worked. For a little while. Just as we sat down at the evening service, it started again. My skin was on FIRE.

Only a handful of people commented on my "getting a bit of sun." And by "a handful," I mean at least 20 different people. Glad I could I could provide a bit of entertainment for the evening. :)

Crossing my fingers and hoping I didn't just give myself skin cancer. At least I'll look tan in a few days--at least the front of me will. ;)


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  1. welcome to my life! Altho I haven't gotten royally burnt yet!


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