June 13, 2011

The One with the Mother of Productivity

If I wondered before, I wonder no more. I am addicted to productivity because I am my Mother's daughter. There are definite cons to this drive of constant accomplishment. But we won't go into those right now. I just have to be thankful for the great team my mom and I have made these past couple of days she has spent at our house. When we're around each other, we motivate one another and energize each other. We whistle and sing together. We organize together. We accomplish together. It's a beautiful thing. 

Saturday morning Kevin and I worked together to get the garage set up and looking lovely for our garage sale. Despite the day's prediction of rain, rain, rain, we were going to go ahead with the sale. Mom was up early and came to help right away. The three of us worked together to make TONS of sales from 9am to 1pm. It was a total success of a sale. 

One gentleman commented on our attractive set up by saying, "I've been to many garage sales, and I've never seen one this neat." (Sure, he could have been making fun of my neurotic need for organization, but I'll take it as a big compliment.) My labeling and pricing and set up system really proved worth the effort. We made nearly seven hundred dollars just over 5 hours. AMAZING. We thank God for this blessing--it will be a tremendous benefit to updating some of our furniture and helping us settle into a new home. 

Mom helped me box up leftover items, fold up tables, and regain my garage--all last night after youth group. Then today, after a car-break-down-saga, she helped me move around some dressers and consolidate more items in our house. 

Thanks, Mom, for being so awesome! We loved having you here and we both really appreciate your willingness to help. :) 

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