June 10, 2011

The One with the 16 Hours of Non-Stop

My mom arrived right in the middle of the chaos that was my life Thursday. (And now, I shall depict the precise reasons for the craziness.) After a cycling bike workout, starting a load and a half of laundry, and compiling a grocery list, we headed to the church to pick up 15 bags of clothes leftover from the girls clothes swap. In the meantime, we talked to Pastor Dale for a half hour and gathered up church yard signs that I was going to borrow for our garage sale posters. We loaded the car full of unwanted clothes and drove to Goodwill. We then stopped at the party store to buy a couple of totally awesome SALE! mylar balloons. 

After securing the balloons in the backseat, we headed to Meijer for the extremely essential popcorn kernels. (My pantry cannot exist without popcorn!) Aldi was our next stop and turned a bit hectic as we were checking out, I got a phone call, Kevin needed to know what card to use, and I was spilling change all over the floor. We survived and headed to our favorite farm market. 

Next we drove out of our way to stop at the only available Bank of America location--thanks a lot for closing the branch a mile and a half from our house. Who cares if we were the only people who ever used it. *wink* We deposited checks and withdrew LOT of cashola in weird denominations to assist in change making at our impending garage sale. 

We arrived home with just enough time to unload and put away all of our groceries, grab a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with CINNAMON BUNCHES (yum!) for lunch, before heading out to the high school that's 30 minutes away. We picked up one of our students for our meeting with them, enjoyed our time together and drove BACK home. I quickly conjured up a dinner plan and started pasta water boiling. Kevin and I had time for a bit of a "tiff" shall we say, but we were quickly back on our feet to relocate all 18 pieces of large furniture to the garage for our sale. 

In the midst of the sweat, Mom pulled in the driveway from a 3 hour drive and hit the ground running. She helped us set things up and with 30 minutes before worship team practice, we scarffed down dinner. (Italian Pasta Salad. again, YUM!)  Practice went smoothly and then came time for the first new women's Bible Study I'm facilitating on the 2:7 Series--Growing Strong in the Family of God. Many of the ladies couldn't make the first meeting--a bummer--but it was still successful. Mom and I spent the next 2 hours doing final pricing and organizing of the items. At 11pm (way past MY bedtime), I remembered I still had the other load and a half of laundry to finish. Joy. As I was asking Kevin if he could set up the road signs in the morning to attract traffic to the garage sale, I remembered, "I HAVEN'T MADE THE SIGNS YET!!!!"  I went to work and found out this morning I had pointed one of the arrows the wrong direction. oops. 

At this point, mom realized our bed wasn't made. I had washed the sheets and neglected to adhere to our family's rule-to-live-by----always ALWAYS put sheets on your bed before anything else (because the day can get away from you and when you're dead tired, you realize you CAN'T get into bed until it's made.) My loving mother did a wonderful thing by making our bed for us. THANK YOU, Mom!  

And around 11:45 I went to sleep.  It was a long day.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that! don't you feel like some days you get only 2 things done, but other days you do so much more than you can even imagine can get done in 1 day? Did you have a list to get your through that day?


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