September 5, 2009

The One with a Food Confession

I need to get this out there.
I need you to know.
I need you to not laugh. Too hard.
Or be disgusted.
Give it a chance.
I did.
Kevin refuses.
He is totally missing out.
One of my favorite meals is a gluten free alternative to a Rachael Ray sammy.
(Sammy=slang for sandwich.)
She made a grilled cheese.
And put apple slices inside.
I thought this was totally weird.
And gross.
But then I tried it.
And I absolutely feel in love.
There were many cold winter days when I had this sandwich with my tomato soup.

That was before I knew I couldn't safely ingest gluten.
So now I eat all my sandwiches on corn tortillas.
This was a difficult change to make.
I couldn't figure out how to best manipulate the tortillas to suit my tastes.
Or to just keep from falling apart.
Which happens if you attempt to fold a corn tortilla straight from the fridge.
Don't do it.
But once I realized the stovetop method, I have never looked back.
I heat a dry skillet up to medium heat.
Lay the tortilla in the pan.
Apply desired toppings.
Cook approximately 5 minutes.
Until cheese is melted and tortilla is crisp.
Fold over.

So I combined my two loves: apple grilled cheese & corn tortillas.
With a third love: peanut butter.
That's where I lose Kevin.
He knows apples and peanut are delicious.
And that many Americans find cheese a good compliment for apple pie.
But putting all those ingredients together: not so much.
I, on the other hand, love. it.

Cheese on one half of my tortilla.
A thin layer of peanut butter on the other.
Thinly sliced apples on both sides.
A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.
And I'm in heaven.

Please keep negative comments to yourself.
Don't ruin this for me.
Thank you.


  1. I think it sounds wonderful and would love to try it sometime.... also I like weird things too: one of my favourite snacks in crackers with ketchup, cheese and pickles on them!!!!

  2. Pickles and Peanut butter are also good in a very interesting way!!! I tried it in Grade 11!

  3. your funny..."dont ruin it for me." hey it doesnt sound bad.

  4. Britt, I've ust got to say that is disgusting.

  5. To add to Britt's post....I like crackers, pickles and MUSTARD with cheese rather than ketchup.

    I don't judge. I embrace.

  6. Ok, to keep things positive, I'll just say . . . I'm with Kevin on this one.


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