September 16, 2009

The One with Fall

I love fall.
I think it might be my favorite season.
There's just something perfectly unique about autumn.
Maybe it's because I'm a November baby.
I've always been quite partial to the months leading up to "my" day.
(By the way, isn't it true that the whole world stops to celebrate me?)
In any case, I'm pretty sure fall rolled in during the night.
Right before we went to bed there was a change in the wind.
And the smell of the outdoors became distinct.
"It is no longer summer," the Wind declared.
And I was happy.

Not only do I love fall because it ushers in my birthday.
I love the colors.
The leaves are absolutely spectacular.
Their rich hues are my favorite in the spectrum.
The breeze that blows in autumn is distinct.
You can hear it rustling the leaves in a new way.
The leaves that are becoming dry.
Preparing to show off their hidden glory.
Before dropping eloquently to the ground.

The shadows look different in fall.
The clouds pass by in a more decisive way than in summer.
They have something up their sleeve.

I love freshly pressed apple cider.
Absolutely nothing.
Beats it.
I just plain love apples.
All year round.
But there's something special about their being in season.
There's cider donuts.
And pumpkin donuts.
And pumpkin picking.
The scent of cinnamon fills the air.
Cinnamon is absolutely my favorite spice.
I use it year round.
But it takes on its own life when it accompanies sweet potatoes.

I love being able to wear cutsie outfits one day.
And bundle up in a sweatshirt the next.
The temperatures of autumn are ideal for me.
I love needing a light blanket.
Being able to snuggle.
Sitting close to a camp fire.
Eating foods that warm me to the core.


  1. Speaking of fall, I am so excited about pumpkin...everything! Do you have a favorite pumpkin bread/muffin recipe?

  2. I love your picture!! But I hate waking up cold and putting my bare feet on the cold floor... and finding clothes to put on. Today the only thing that seemed suitable was a sweater and I don't care if people make fun of me at Wal-mart - I'm cold and I'm wearing it!!

  3. I do want to clarify - that I also love fall!! I love the colours - that has has to with being a red head!! I haven't been married in the fall yet so this will be a fun season for us!

  4. I could have written this post myself.. I *adore* fall! Unfortunately, it's still "t-shirt weather" here in SC.. I absolutely can't wait for things to cool down and for all the green trees to start changing colors! :)

  5. ya, hafta say I disagree...HAHAHA I am in the wrong state! haha love ya!


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