September 3, 2009

The One with the Dew

It's taken a while to post again.
I mean, seriously, after writing about my new oven I'm not sure what could be better.
But alas, I think it's time.

I love this weather.
Yesterday I told God I felt like this whole week was a gift just for me.
Not even kidding.
This week's weather has been the ultimate form of my ideal.
Even though it's probably not "just for me," I'm still totally thankful.

It's hard to get moving though when the blankets covering you in bed are so comfy.
Just the perfect amount of warmth surrounded by the chill of the morning air.
So I have been coaxing myself out of bed with a mug (or two or three) of hot green tea.
What could be better?
Now, if I could only decide to get off my rumpous and get my daily exercise.

I'm just remembering the tasty chili we had for dinner last night.
It was delish.
You should definitely try this recipe sometime.
And make this bread to go with it.
Kevin and Ben truly enjoyed it.
Ben came to help out with Bible quizzing.
We're going to have about 9 quizzers which is really impressive.
Considering a few months ago we would have been lucky to have 9 youth show up on a regular night.
Let alone an extra night of quiz practice.
Some of the teens are really catching on to this quizzing thing.
Others are still too intimidated to grab I Corinthians by the horns and conquer it.
But I think this new addition to our responsibilities and schedules is a good one.
It will be fun.
It will be challenging. For everyone.
I want to memorize with them.

For now, though, I think I'll go for a walk.
Just before the dew lifts.

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  1. I had tea last night - it was delish!!! MMMM tea!!! In regards to your title..... are you refering to Dew of the Mountain or Dew of the Grass???

    Did you read my blog about who my blog is actually for?


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