September 22, 2009

The One with the Dream

First things first.
I love laughing at awkward things.
Especially when those awkward situations were totally not on purpose.
This is why Fail Blog entertains me.
(And sometimes disgusts me. But that's another matter entirely.)
When I saw this segment on Rachael Ray today, I couldn't wait to type in the address.
I think I may have found my new favorite website.
And it's just that.
Come on. You know you have a bunch of family photos that seem too awkward and embarrassing to ever be seen by anyone.
Like when everyone wore the same exact shirt.
Or when your little sister had wet her pants and you took the picture anyways.
If you have a good sense of humor and don't mind laughing at yourself and the rest of the world who has submitted pictures, you have to explore this site.
Simply amazing.
I already submitted a few photos.
Not the greatest.
But still entertaining.
I can think of many more which lay secured in photo albums.
I'll just have to dig those out.

::so many great things happening here::
1. I'm in a disgusting blue robe.
2. Kevin has a disturbing look on his face.
3. (Future) Dad-in-law couldn't be left out.
4. Dad's face is beat red.
We love you, Dad. :D
::my loving fiance smacking the mosquito that landed on my forehead
at the precise moment the photo was taken.::
Thanks, babe.
::many thanks to my great father in law.
who happened to see this as a great photo op.::
which it was, I'm not gonna lie.
::apparently I was extremely upset with my playmate.
Or maybe the fact that my thighs are like Dunder-Mifflin Tires.

I had a dream.
A dream I actually remember.
It was surprisingly detailed.
And not at all obscure and completely random as 99% of my dreams are.
I was on the stage at a large convention center.
I remember I was wearing my glasses.
And my favorite jean jacket.
And I wish I would have done something different with my hair.
Though the room was filled with women, I could see individual faces.
Like my mom.
And this other lady who I could describe to you but have no clue who she is.
I was speaking.
At a Women of Faith conference.
I'm not sure why.
Or what I was speaking about.
But I remember feeling extraordinarily witty.
And the audience was thrilled.
Hanging on my every word.

I loved being in this position of influence.
I loved sharing my message of hope.
I was not at all intimidated by the thousands of people listening.
I was moved by the Spirit of God.
I kept sharing.
Kept throwing in anecdotes.
It was awesome.

But apparently I was a just a guest speaker of some sort.
I looked exactly as I do now.
I was just 23 years old and yet women of all ages were learning.
Loving the message I was sharing.

I remember talking with my mom and grandma afterwards.
We were all thrilled with how the speaking engagement went.
Then I saw the internet headlines on the Women of Faith website.
They were praying about the possible addition to their keynote speakers.
What?! Wait! That's me.

Apparently there were two other women who had spoken.
All three of us were called back for an interviewing process.
One of the women I recognize as going to SAFMC.
But I don't know her name.
Only her face.
The three of us met all of the wonderful ladies from the WOF team.
I talked extensively with Patsy Clairmont and Sheila Walsh.
I told them how much I love peanut butter.
All while standing on the stage steps with them getting a group photo taken for the press.
I loved being in the presence of these women.
And the thought that I might be joining their ranks.

Then I woke up.
Thank you, Nature, for calling.

When I came back from the bathroom I almost shook Kevin awake to tell him of the awesomeness.
It was so real and amazing that I tried to re-enter the dream upon getting back in bed.
I'm not really sure that worked.
Have you ever tried that?
Yeah, not so much.

I have no clue if this is supposed to mean anything.
But I loved this dream.
And I it would be a dream come true if it came to be.
Though I'm not sure how that would ever happen.
Or why.

But I just wanted to share.


  1. I love the website! How did you ever find something like that?!

  2. I saw that website too!! its great!!!


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