August 31, 2009

The One with a New [to me] Stove

As you can imagine, I am completely stoked right now.
The "new" stove has officially replaced the old one (which is now rotting in the garage).
What wonderfully generous people Mr & Mrs Burke are.
And they thanked us for solving their "problem" of needing to get rid of this 1.5 year old stove.
You're most certainly welcome.

Please enjoy Mr. Crappy Stove's final photo op.
Two of the burners are mostly unusuable.
Most of the burner surfaces are completely uneven.
The front oven handle is straight up gone. How does that even happen?
The inside of the oven is quite small.
The temperature is totally not accurate.
It took me months to bake with precision.
It's old.
It's dirty.
It's crappy.
It's full of someone else's messes.
Though I have scrubbed it down multiple times.

But this morning, to prepare for the arrival of Mr. Wonderful Stove, I had to pull out the old one.
And clean underneath and behind it.
A feat I was definitely definitely not looking forward to.
I was hoping to never have to see what was hiding under there.
Knowing that 90% of it was left by the former owners completely grosses me out.
It's one thing to clean up your own mess.
It's a whole other issue to clean up after people you don't even know.
It was even worse than I was expecting.

Apparently the best place to store milk caps and those milk cap rings is under the stove.
Of course!
This took me about 45 minutes to scrub clean.
Then I had to clean the sides of the cabinets.
And the back wall.
And under the range hood--since I couldn't reach it when the stove was in place.
And on top of the hood.
All locations were absolutely disgusting.
It's not perfect, but it's better.
And at least I know what it looks like now.
And we're th only ones we can blame future messes on.

And now, for his first live appearance, Mr. Wonderful Stove:

Check out the smooth glasstop.
And the shiny black surfaces.
And the interior is huge.
And it was well cared for.
And I love it.
It's a Kenmore. That's always good.

Rest in peace, Mr. Crappy Stove.
Thanks for your valiant efforts.

And Mr. Wonderful Stove, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


  1. Congratulations on your new stove. Now if only you lived close enough so I could try out the food (just for safety precautions, of course!) to make sure that it was really worth having. ;)

  2. Mr. Wonderful Stove is quite sexy!

  3. It's so pretty! Do you have the right stuff for cleaning the stovetop. And did they warn you about NEVER spilling sugar on the cooktop when it's hot?

    Just trying to share what I've learned the hard way . . .

  4. Baking soda will be your new best friend for the glass top! I learned that the hard way too :)

    Enjoy the newness!

  5. Clever story Mel!! Also I say Blame Robbie for the milk caps! I feel like that is something he would do!

  6. Thanks!

    For the baking soda, I just sprinkle it on the stove and use a damp cloth or sponge to scrub out whatever has seemed to burn itself on the cooktop. It cleans it up like new.

    Ya, i just found out a few months ago I have at least a gluten intolerance. My doctor didn't feel the need to do a biopsy since the end result would be the same, which I was ok with! :) It's crazy how such a simple thing can cause so many problems!


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