August 22, 2009

The One with the Working Stove

I can hardly decide what to write about first.
So many fantastic things in so little time.
I will attempt to start at the beginning.
I've heard it's a very good place to start.

This morning we woke up at 6:30 with plans to take a walk together.
Instead we told hysterical accounts of our dreams from the night before.
Within 2 minutes of waking there were tears streaming down my laugh.
I was laughing so hard.
Kevin has the best dreams ever.
I mean seriously.
He was a bus driver.
And a detective.
He knew that because of his detective like trench coat.
And he crashed the bus.
And fled the scene.
And somewhere in there penguins appeared.
I think they were on the second bus.
Turns out they were ceramic penguins.
Four ceramic penguins--lawn ornament like.
But when he dropped them on the ground, real live penguins emerged from two of them.
And these penguins followed him.
And they became his penguins.
I can't remember what else there was, but I remember we were both cracking up.
Dying laughing.
Ok, maybe you had to be there.
But it was funny.

We did manage to go on a walk.
But then it started pouring.
So we walked home.
And I made my famous oatmeal pancakes.
And by "famous" I mean, Kevin and I LOVE them.
But we're the only ones who have ever actually had them.
So I'm not sure how famous they could possibly be.

After a shower, I hit the road for my weekly shopping trip.
I stopped at a street yard sale and found squat.
My trip to Meijer was completely successful, however.
I went in with a short list.
Came out with exactly those items.
Planned on spending about $15 as frozen chicken cost $6.99.
(But it was a 4lb bag making it 1.79 per pound. woot!)
I remembered to use my pop bottle deposit slips.
And my coupon for a free gallon of milk.
Turns out the milk coupon took $4.50 off my bill.
And the milk was only $1.49.
But I was NOT complaining.
My bill totaled $6.09.
And the chicken alone was on sale for $6.99.
How crazy is that?!

After a stop at Aldi and Ciolino (where I stuck to my list!) I swung by a makeshift flea market.
It was set up in the bowling alley parking lot.
And was advertised as a "garage sale."
Which is technically false advertising since there were no garages to be found.
But I didn't complain.
I'm not that much of a goody two shoes.
I found this adorable miniature tiered served tray for $1.
And 3 dresses and 2 shirts and 1 sweater for $3.

And get this!
After unpacking all these great finds, the doorbell rings.
Kevin goes to answer it.
There stood Mr. and Mrs. Burke--the cutest little couple you could ever imagine.
They've been married for 63 years!!!
Sixty three.
That's more than twice as old as I am.
We had a blast chatting with them and letting them know how encouraging it is to see married couples deeply in love after a lifetime together.
People are so bitter about marriage these days.
It's a real downer.
I can't wait to see what life brings us in the next 63 years.
Actually, I hope we're still alive in 63 years.
Back to the point.
The reason they stopped by was to see if we would be able to take their 1 1/2 year old stove from them.
Would we be able to??
We would love to!!
Mrs. Burke has never forgotten how crappy and dilapidated our stove is.
Not only is it quite old but there is not handle.
Two of the burners are temperamental.
It cooks unevenly.
The temperature is way off.
It's taken me about a year to figure out all of it's quirks.
And now we're getting a new stove.
Great. Just great.
I have to learn a new oven.
Wait. What?!
I GET a new oven!
She thanked us profusely for helping them "solve their problem"--as they were trying to figure out what to do with their "old" oven when they order a new one.
I said, "It is our pleasure."
So excited.



  1. Yay! Yay! Yay for new appliances - for free!!

    I love the new serving tray!

  2. LOVE your "garage sale" finds! Jealousy. Right here.

    What a blessing that stove must be!


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