August 4, 2009

The One with the Elephant Ears

It's county fair week here.
Apparently I was not aware that the county fair was such a big deal.
I am not a big "fair person."
I don't like livestock all that much.
How safe can those rides really be??
You really shouldn't eat an elephant ear before riding a fair ride. Not good.
Why do you have to pay for every step you take past the gate where you already paid an entry fee?
The amount of fried foods is a little bit disturbing.
[Not that I wouldn't partake, but still...deep fried Snickers Bars?!!!]
The grand stand shows are supremely hick-ish: demolition derbies, country music, tractor pulls, etc.
I have never understood 4-H. Not that I have anything against it. I just have no experience with it.
But alas, it is fair week. And the fairgrounds just happen to be 2 miles from our house.
And everyone I know is going to the fair.
But that doesn't surprise me.

[note: the following thought process may appear to deviate from the above topic, but never fear, the connection will be clear!]
The last two mornings God and I have taken a walk together.
I love taking walks with Him.
I love listening for his call in the morning, directing my path.
And I must admit, it's much easier to listen to His quiet voice when I'm walking and worshipping then when I'm struggling for air during a run or a JM workout dvd.
So we went walking.
I walked the 0.9 miles down Rocky Road (the road we live on...which I really wish had sidewalks, btw) to FruityPebble Rd.--the road on which lies the fairgrounds.
Then I ran the 1.7 miles down FruityPebble Rd.
Because I felt like.
Then I walked halfway back. And ran the other half.
Five point two miles allows for ample worshipping.
But when I have my earphones in and I'm suddenly moved by the Spirit--to throw my arms up or to dance or to cry--I have been slightly inhibited by the massive amounts of people showing up at the fairgrounds TWO hours before the gates "officially" open.
These people are hardcore.

I think we might bike to the fair tonight.

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