August 29, 2009

The One with the Stoneware

This is how busy I have been lately.
Like, as in the last week.
No, month.
Today was the first time I looked at my Real Simple magazine.
That came 3 weeks (?) ago.
Normally, I have the entire thing read after 2 days.
I'm just that excited about this magazine.
And I'm still thrilled.
But I've been busy.
Suddenly I feel like a real youth director.
Don't take that the wrong way.
I have been "for real" for almost a year now.
But it has taken this long for me to figure out what the heck I'm doing.
And how to improve.
You can't improve if you have nothing to compare it to.
Now I do.
And now we have many more students.
And lots more activities.
And deeper relationships.
And awesome discussions.
And Bible quizzing.
And I could go on and on.
This is fabulous it really is.
I'm truly in love with this teens.
I would give anything for any one of them. No lie.
I'm speechless, God. Thank you.

All that to say, I haven't had much free time.
And now I've started an AVON business as well.
And I'm still needing to bake weekly for the Sunday sales.
People get mad if there are no cookies, I'm telling you.

I think I won a contest.
You know, one of the many I was discussing in my last post.
I can't believe it!
I'm totally psyched right now.
(Also, I've used that word--"psyched"--at least 3 times today. What is this? The 80s?)
But seriously. I'm pretty sure I won.
I'm pretty sure because it said "Melanie with a gmail email address."
That's me.
But it could be someone else too.
I can't really tell.
So I sent in my confirmation email as instructed and I can hardly wait to see if it's for real.
If it is, then I'll be receiving a new Selah cd in the mail soon. *screech*

My husband has been rocking out to his Chris Tomlin station on Pandora all day.
I have been loving it.
I love worshipping in song.
And I love worshipping with Kevin.

I also loved sleeping in today.
And having gotten all of my weekend shopping done last night.
It was a bummer though because we were supposed go to a high school football game.
Mostly for the halftime show--2 of our students are in the marching band. Freshmen.
I love the band.
But it poured all day.
I don't love sitting in the rain.
So we'll go next Friday.
But that meant I did all my errand running last night.

And this morning was reserved for rummaging.
I hit at least 3 community sales.
But they were not very "community" oriented.
As in 3 -5 sales in a huge allotment.
But I did find some great stuff.
Four dining room chairs for Britt.
New shoes. Brown (cowboy) boots (that I actually pull of if I'm wearing jeans). Green flats. High heels. All for free because my friend was selling them. :)
A gorgeous salad bowl set. Colorful stoneware. 4 bowls. a Serving bowl. Salt and Pepper shakers. Oil and Vinegar bottles. All for $5. I'll have to take photographs.
A new church cookbook.
A desk top filing system.
A "New York" something or other track jacket.
Four beautiful goldenrod bowls and plates. Also stoneware. For $3. From At Home America.
Kevin already had a bowl of cereal because he loved the deep bowls so much.

::combining the salad bowl find with the yellow stoneware with the green plates::

And all the while I managed to give out around 10 AVON catelogs.
This is hard work getting started, I'm not gonna lie.
But I think it will be super fun. If all goes well.
Someone thinks I'll take over AVON one day.
I'm not so sure about that.
But I really appreciate the vote of confidence. :D


  1. Ok, I guess I don't think that you WILL take over Avon someday. But I definitely think that you COULD.

  2. Cool plates they look great together.... were you able to fit all the chairs in your car?? Do you think Kevin could bring them if he's coming this weekend!?


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