August 10, 2009

The One with Diet Coke with Lime

I shall (not) grin and bear these few days of a real Michigan summer.
I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.
I'm not really sure why I got all lax on you guys, other than I was just feel lazy and lacking my usual wit.
I don't know.
Wednesday evening prayer meeting was unusually refreshing.
There were only 5 in attendance besides Kevin & me and that small gathering allowed for more fun & intimacy.
I feel like we were all able to really speak truthfully about our lives.
There was a deeper bond of kinship.
Thursday evening was not so refreshing.
That's pretty typical though, given that worship team practice is scheduled.
Now, here's the deal--Kevin and I have nothing against being on worship team. We love it.
We have nothing against practicing. We know it's necessary in order to play with excellence.
What we do have a problem with is the negative attitude of one of the people in leadership.
And the unapproachable, my-way-or-the-highway, intimidating ways of this person.
No one feels completely at ease.
No one wants to say, "Can we go over that again?" because they don't want the glare of wrath.
We say if you don't want to practice and work together to God's glory then leave.
This person comes with the "let's get it over with as quickly as possible and just assume that one run-through of each song will suffice."
That is so not true.
But I will stop now. For I am getting frustrated all over again.

Friday was great!
Kevin made it home in time for us to jump back into the car and head to the Eccles' home.
They invited us to join them at their SBC housekeeping staff dinner and it became a hk reunion.
So cool.
I baked an apple pie. and tossed a salad.
There were many that I didn't know well.
And many I hadn't seen in 2 years.
It was fun times.
Full of laughing.
And housekeeping stories. (we're full of them.)
And Apples to Apples.

::housekeeping alum::

Saturday I was out of sorts.
That's the best way to put it.
But I didn't manage to get grocery shopping done (and spent as much as I saved!!)
Then, in an effort to lift my spirits Kevin offered to go rent a movie.
So we ventured out and found The Breakfast Club.
Then we went to the China Buffet.
Which we always vow we will never do again.
But I know he's be cravin' the Chinese so we ate.
And it was delicious.
And I didn't overeat (at a buffet) for once. yay.
Then we set up our slumber party bed in the basement and watched our movie (and loved it) and ate popcorn and drank Diet Coke with lime and went to sleep. It was way cool.

The best part about Sunday was probably talking with Pam.
She's the pastor's wife and I've always appreciated her.
But we've never really talked one on one.
After church she caught me and asked if I was doing ok.
She was concerned.
After 45 minutes of both of us getting distracted by church peoples wanting to talk, we finally sat down.
And we shared and had wonderful conversation.
I felt loved and encouraged.
I hope we will do that again.

Tonight is the start of VBS.
It's going to be a busy week.
Kevin and I have big responsibilities with teaching the Bible lesson (four times a night.)
I hope he doesn't get burnt out with a full work week and hot weather and 2 hours of kids.
I hope I don't either.
Praying it goes well and our words come from the mouth of God and well received into soft hearts.

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  1. I hope its a great week too!! I'm glad you enjoyed the housekeeping party! and I want your apple pie!!


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