August 20, 2009

The One with the Answered Prayers

Have I ever mentioned how much I love popcorn?
Or how unbelievably happy I am that it is a gluten free snack?
I can down a bag of Act II butter lover's in no time.
And I am not ashamed of that.
Mmm Mmm good.
I'm eating popcorn right now if you must know.
As we watch Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
Because apparently we "haven't seen it in years."
I'm ok with that.
Not that we haven't seen it, but that we're watching it tonight.
I'm a fan.
Especially of the music.
You just don't get movie soundtracks that are as epic as the LOTR.
Many a Bible exegetical was written to said music.
Glory be.
And the theological implications of this Tolkein masterpiece are mind blowing.
Though I probably should read the books sometime.

Last night was "let's introduce mom and grams to My Big Fat Greek Wedding" movie night.
They loved it.
And we did too.
As always.
Even if mom did drop popcorn all over the place.
(hee,hee. I'm not actually upset, Mom, no worries.)
I ate the crumbs.
I'm a freak like that.
And I might just have to see if Windex really will fix everything.
The growths on my fingers might just get this treatment.
(I refuse to say the "w" word again, because of the crazy wart ads that popped up! gross.)

The winds were blowing at hurricane-like speeds today.
I never exaggerate by the way.
But I was nervous.
I was waiting to hear the Emergency Service Alarm sound.
And I could see myself in the middle of cookie baking having to run to the basement.
And crouch in the fetal position for hours.
Scared to death.
As I've always been of tornadoes.
I get queasy just thinking about this weather phenomenon.
But I have become increasingly brave about thunderstorms and the like.
I was always frightened during storms of any kind.
Now I welcome them.
And appreciate them.
And am in awe of them as a reminder of God's power.

Speaking of God's power, tonight's worship team practice was another evidence of that.
It was awesome.
The greatest practice yet.
We were united.
Willing to give and take constructive criticism.
It was the first practice I have not left dripping in sweat due to the sheer agony of the tension.
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
No lie.

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