November 15, 2008

The One Where She Marks Her Territory

The title is accurate but not in the customary feline way.  I feel that I have marked my territory in our new home--cleaning things I never wanted to clean but bringing it up to my standard of cleanliness recognizing that this is now our home.  I never wanted to do this at the apartment.  Not sure why...I guess it just grossed me out twice as much because millions more people have lived there and it felt temporary (even though it wasn't supposed to be.)  It was a great accomplishment to complete the dreaded job of scouring the kitchen floor (all those speckles weren't really speckles at all...darn dirty grooves) and all the grody corners where dirt and who knows what else accumulates.  (grody=possibly mispelled made up word indicating disgustingness.)  Seriously, though, you could eat off the floor.  Then this afternoon I took apart the stove and scrub, scrub, scrubbed even inch of the surface and burners until it shined.  =D  And I finally washed the dirty fingerprints off the pantry door.  

Now I shall go enjoy the newest members of our family--Princess the guppy and Sprinkles and Red Stripe the two tetra. :)


  1. I really hate the word grody. It's pretty much the only thing that rhymes with Jodi.

  2. I got sooo excited - thot you got a "real" pet! But FISH are great!!! Get a frog next pleeeaasseee??!!!!


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